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How To Choose The Perfect WordPress Theme For You Business Website


WordPress gains more and more popularity within bloggers and with the variety of themes available, all you have to do is decide on which one would suit you best and there you go – you have a blog or a website to share ideas. The thing is that it’s not just about blogging. More and more smaller companies opt for a blogging platform to build their websites, especially because it doesn’t take too much IT knowledge to deal with that. What WordPress is good at is the fact that it doesn’t scare off users with its complex usability and makes it really easy to manage the content on your website. It is perfect for small businesses, or the ones that are just preparing to go out on the market but don’t have the money to get a professional web designer.

There are definitely more advantages to consider than disadvantages when it comes to choosing WordPress to build your website. The only problem is – how do you choose the right theme for your website? There are tens, probably thousands of themes out there that are pretty cool but might confuse you with their diversity. You can get some of them free of charge, while you will have to pay for the others. It is a hard decision but with some research you can definitely make it happen. It is pretty hard to find professional looking themes that you won’t have to pay for.

That’s why there are tons of premium themes that you would have to pay for, but that will look pretty much like a designer website. However it is really up to you whether you would like to pay for your theme or get a free one. You will have to take into consideration some important features when choosing a WordPress theme. We have decided to share some tips on how to choose the perfect WordPress theme for a business website and we hope they will come in handy for your company.

Care for the looks

If you own a small business, but you still don’t have a website for it and a small budget, as I’ve already mentioned – WordPress is your saving grace. Now, you have to decide what your future website will look like. Do you mind if it looks simple and ordinary, or you want it to full of color and super fancy? We’d say you have to choose something in the between. It has to be simple yet having professional design, suitable for your business. You will have to make a research, to understand what is your future client looking for and what does he want. A website is pretty important for your image so you should care for its design. By choosing a nice design, you can be sure you will have people coming back to you (but you shouldn’t forget about the content as well of course).

You can probably understand the preferences of your customers in the matter of design, by checking out the websites of your competitors and the feedback they get. This way you will know something more about your future visitors, hence you can fulfill their tastes.

An easy navigation is a must

So you finally decided on the design and layout of your website. The next thing you should care about is the usability. You have to make sure that your website will be easy to navigate and pretty simple, so that even the most illiterate computer user will be able to check it out. Don’t load it with kitsch graphics that will only make it load slower; this will turn your visitors away.


This feature is really important as well. Once you choose a theme, you have to make sure you will be able to customize it. There are themes out there that come in a variety of colors, style sheets and many other features. You will also have to make sure that the theme you choose supports different widgets that you might apply to your WordPress theme. This will definitely increase the diversity in your layout and features that you could use in your website like polls, contact forms or ratings for instance. The admin panel should also be pretty simple but have plenty of options at the same time, if you are not much of a programmer.

SEO friendly

Although WordPress provides good Search Engine Optimization right out of the box, there are still some things you should take into consideration for a business website. Be sure to first find a theme that is SEO friendly and if it doesn’t, you can always use the special SEO plugins that can make your website SEO friendly. You have to be able to change the page titles of your website, meta data or other key SEO elements and these are truly important for further website promotion.

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Make use of the tracking features

Once you have a website, you will probably want to know if it is good enough and the number of visitors it attracts. This will help you understand where additional effort is needed. Google Analytics for example can help you track the number of visitors you get on certain periods of time and you can as well see their actions. There are themes that make it really easy for you to install different tracking widgets and you can really make use of that. So that’s another feature you will have to consider when choosing the right WordPress theme.

This was a short overview over the key elements you should take into consideration when choosing a WordPress theme for your business website. We hope you will find them helpful and share some of your tips that have helped you in the past and consider worth sharing.

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