Professional Christmas Photoshop Tutorials

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Christmas is the time to celebrate and enjoy with your family. It is a time when people come out from their daily life boredom and enjoy with their families and loved ones the most. Other than decorating your house you can also impress your friends and relatives with some interesting greeting cards or desktop wallpapers for Christmas with the Christmas Photoshop Tutorials.

The professional Christmas Photoshop Tutorials will teach you how to design Christmas trees, snowflakes, snow globes, Christmas candles, balls and many other Christmas stuffs. There are designs that teach us to draw Christmas graphics or replace the old ones with new images. There are usually drawings of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with friends or any type of Christmas theme according to the website format.

Wallpapers are mostly based on the Christmas theme, so you can choose the different types of designs of your choice. The Santa Claus wallpaper is a very common one and you will get a compact tutorial of it. You will learn how to make different designs with the Photoshop tools like the rectangle tool, gradient overlay, the blending options, ellipse tool, free transform, use of drop shadow and many others. The tutorial wallpaper with the theme of night before Christmas is also good. It is meant especially for children where some useful techniques have been discussed to bring in the spirit of Christmas. The noise effect is added in order to highlight the stars, moon, hills and mountains.

The abstract Christmas Photoshop Tutorial wallpapers are created with warm colors like red with pictures of gifts and stars. A classy collage of the Christmas sky, snowman in a landscape, ornament wallpaper for Christmas of warm colors with golden balls, stars and loop hanging are some of the tutorials for Christmas wallpaper. Christmas balls are appealing to many and they want to learn it badly. There are balls with reflection, red balls with frames on all sides with stars. The snow landscapes are another attraction where there is a snowy setting with big snow buildings, and then we have dozens of snowflakes in details. Christmas trees have always been the main attraction for many. You can learn how to make flashy Christmas designs with snowflakes on it. A Christmas tree in a snowy landscape will look great.

Christmas Photoshop Tutorials

Vector Snow Landscape

Creative christmas cards

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Creative christmas cards

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We wish you a Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas illustration

Drawing Christmas Trees

The Santa Claus Wallpaper

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