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Have Your Client’s Shop Ready Before Christmas


As the holidays approach, everything tends to get a little hectic. Stress levels increase, there seems to be more unfinished business to take care of than usual.

And deadlines, which should always be met anyway, become even more critical.

It’s no different for web design freelancers. Projects already in work need to be wrapped up, plus, there are clients with special holiday needs. A client for an online store with a Christmas shopping theme usually wants to have the website up and running by mid-December, at the very latest. A delivery on the 23rd or 24th isn’t going to make anyone happy.

Rather than worrying about how you’re going to cope, why not opt for a solution that will ensure your projects, including those extra-special holiday websites, will be more than ready in time? There’s a modern, king-size ecommerce theme that’s the perfect solution. It’s not only waiting for you to use, but if you purchase it during December, it’s yours at a 30% discount.

Have Your Client’s Shop Ready Before Christmas

First comes stress; then comes Christmas.

Good Features that Will Save You (Lots of) Time and Effort

These e-commerce theme features will give you more time to save for other activities this December that you thought possible.

Impress your audience with animated websites and web presentations.

With Slides, we don’t make you start from an empty slate. All you have to do is to pick the elements you like best and combine them. Each slide has been carefully crafted to satisfy three key criteria: aesthetic, function and usability. That way you know every element works together seamlessly while enhancing the impact of your content.

Learn MoreOther Products

30+ Good to Go Shops

Choose one as the starting point for your client’s shop. Any one would work, but some shops may make it easier than others to create the unique shop you’re looking for. With 30+ starting points to choose from and customize; it couldn’t be easier.

No Coding Skills Needed

Even if you enjoy coding (and, most web designers don’t); not having to do so can save you a ton of time. With all the options open to you, all that’s needed is your imagination and the ability to make some smart decisions when constructing a UX approach for your client.

Easy to Install

It takes 5 minutes to watch this step-by-step installation video. Your ROI? This e-commerce theme will save you hours.

LiveChat Urgent Assistance

This type of support is a WP theme rarity. You won’t have to wait hours, or for the next business day, to get a response. Any problem you might encounter will usually be solved in minutes.

Free Premium Plugins

No more downloading and installing plugins. XStore comes with $225 worth of plugins – at no cost to you.

Advanced E-commerce Themes

XStore, with its advanced e-commerce features, makes web designers, and their clients, happy. We’re talking product page options designed to keep people interested, engaged, and on the page; hover effects to help users analyze products; and versatile header styles that help create a UX your clients will love; especially when they see their conversions and engagements suddenly start to increase.

200+ PSD files

Top Filters – viewers can view a specific category or grouping of products.

Built-in Mega Menus – use the menu options to improve site usability, while letting your creativity roam free.

Multicolumn Product Grid – Choose the best way to organize and showcase products. It’s not complicated.

WPML Ready – Every line of content can be translated. This means more customers, and more revenue.

Christmas and e-commerce have in common

What do Christmas and e-commerce have in common? The answer: You want to see what you get as soon as possible. Images and video make that happen.

Video on Product – this feature makes products more realistic and colorful. A combination of images and videos can lead to more sales.

Brands List Widget – This widget, when added to your sidebar, displays all the brand logos in the online shop.

Catalog Mode – When enabled, all shopping options, e.g., Add to Cart button, prices, etc., will be hidden.

There’s even more. See the entire list of features here.

Examples of Beautiful, Time-Saving, Good to Go Shop Examples


This good to go to shop is an excellent example of how XStore is in lock step with current design trends. Its large images effectively convey feelings of depth and relaxation. Large images are an especially effective means of showing the brand, and what it has to offer. This shop’s brand is dedicated to men and men’s clothing. It is both cool and businesslike, but in a casual manner.

Oversized background pictures also have a print magazine look, just like one you might receive in the mail from an upscale clothing retailer.


This XStore good to go shop features a nicely implemented card design, another popular e-commerce design trend. The use of cards is an effective way to organize the most relevant information about a topic or product into a single block or container. In these cases, while the text is minimal, most of the more relevant information resides in the images.

This shop also takes advantage of another modern design trend; the use of hip, vibrant colors. As is the case here, these colors are most effective when used as backgrounds for single, clear subjects. They can also serve to help distinguish content.


This good to go shop successfully combines several of the latest trends to produce a first-class experience. As you gently scroll down the page, the parallax effect provides a smooth UX. At the same time, the generous use of white space contributes to a feeling of relaxation.

A third trend, the split screen effect, is put to brilliant use in this shop. Once the user has cycled through the featured sales items, selections of other featured products, sale products, and random products round out the home page. This shop also features demos, blogs, and a portfolio.

And two more:




Whether you work for a Christmas gift shop, or you need a theme for your client that will be just in time for the Christmas holidays, check out this just-launched go to go shop. It will carry you or your client safely through the holidays, after which you can easily switch over to another XStore ready to go shop.

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