Collection of Free Amazing Icon Sets for Your iPhone


Are you one of those persons that loves to personalize any gadgets you own? Sometimes it just becomes boring to use the same features that were installed there by default. Whether it’s about your desktop wallpaper or some new plugins for your phone, sometimes it’s just not enough. How about your iPhone? Do you still dig your iPhone wallpaper or the icons you see on it daily? If you don’t, than this article is meant for changes. I was browsing the web some days ago, and I found lots of interesting apps and icons for iPhone users, and I thought it would be a good idea to share them with all of you.

Check out this collection of neat icons sets for your iPhone, or in case you don’t have one, you can just admire their slick design. Of and the good thing is that they are all for free – so you can download and install them right away.

Icon Sets for Your iPhone

Teneo icons

Sticker Iconset

Round Theme Icons

Radiance theme for iPhone

REDUX SummerBoard

iPhone Style Icon Set

Perspection iPhone

Black Neon Agua

Overdue for iPhone

Othoni Afis


Matte Nano Icon Set

iphone theme icons picnic

iPhone Brazilian



Deep: iPhone

Dark Apple + Wood Dock

Carol icons

CandyMilk V2




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