Coming Soon Page Design Examples and Templates

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As you know, a coming soon page is created for informing the target audience or visitors about a new service or application that is going to be online soon and if they want to obtain all the latest updates on the same, they can sign up here. This way you actually create a buzz and keep them hooked onto the new application. Therefore, it’s important to be very careful while designing this page. The page should be visually attractive and able to win users’ interest.

If you just put up an uninteresting static white page indicating the site is under construction through a dull icon, it’s not going to help you much. Creating an impression is important and if the coming soon page fails to do it, you might perhaps lose the opportunity to carve a niche for your app. As a result, you may either have to drop the idea of launching that new application or choose to modify it to make it interesting to them.

To avoid this situation, you need to be careful about certain points while designing an under construction web page. Since this page reflects the personality of your new service, your branding has to be bang on. For this, you need to use classy logo and enticing color scheme on the under construction page. Also, use this page to dish out a short overview or hint of the new service or application that is going to be online soon. Place a sign up form on the page and ask users to register here to get notification when the site is up and running.

Since there are many things you have to consider to come up with a high quality under construction web page, you might want to explore some examples before making any move. To help you with this, we’ve got a good number of examples to show you.

A List of Coming Soon Webpage Designs and Resources

Creating a high quality web page is a challenge for any designer. He doesn’t only have to focus on the design of the page, but also to engage potential clients and new visitors. To achieve this, he needs to dedicate a great deal of his effort and time into creating an attractive design that matches the basic objective behind its creation. Some such examples are here to guide you in this direction. These include UniquePayments, Lillystable, Potatomice, Godsdead, Betterblogger, Servely, Smart-pixel, HyperLingo, Kissthedeejay, Favmovie, ChocolatePool and Medialoot.

When you see these examples, you would notice that each of them is having different themes to showcase their services. In some examples, you can notice that the use of color scheme has been light at some places and loud at some others. The designs, ideas and the placement of objects are so vastly different from one place to another. You can check all these out for minute details and note them down. These works of creativity are sure to inspire and motivate you.

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There are plenty of other examples also which you can explore to obtain a few more interesting insight. Of them, the ones which are arguably the best will be shared here. These are Grunge, Graphite 4 in 1, Clear Construction, Clean Countdown Timer / Construction Page, Xzero, Awakesoon, MeegoApp., Road Cone, Pixel Media, and Chip Prism. Most of these are template resources you can download to launch your new coming soon page. These templates feature great designs, thoughtful representation of ideas and smart use of icon.

Before you start working on your under-construction web page, make sure to gloss over all the examples first. It will prove useful.

Coming Soon Page Examples

Free Coming Soon Template

Free Coming Soon Template


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Premium Coming Soon Page Templates

App Website

App Website

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Deal Website

Deal Website

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