21 Interesting Concept Designs of Popular Sites


Website design decides how content is to be structured and displayed. A bad design can simply ruins user experience, affecting site traffic, and can also damage your SEO. The concept phase is the most neglected step, when web sites are developed. For this reason sites are rebuilt again and again because the functionality does not serve the users or does not benefit the business.

Integrating a concept design phase saves money on the long run and boosts popularity of your web sites, because it meets the needs of your target audience and creates a pleasant experience for your web site users. This can be done by analyzing and processing the collected information of the project design workshop and drawing up a framework from the results that serve as a guide for the project itself and the web site to be.

The content is a deadly crucial element for a successful website, as it decides what the site is all about. A bad design simply ruins the user experience, thus dooming the site traffic. The creative concept designs of famous websites like Facebook, Google and Youtube, are already very famous and are user-friendly but some creative designers have gone ahead and made even more professional concept designs of these websites.

So what demands for an interesting design of these popular sites? The color scheme which is based on the house style is important. The font type which will be chosen when no consistent font usage exists is to be taken care of, the page layout, the look and feel and the imagery used to support the company’s brand message is also vital. The functionality is designed in a raw draft. The purpose of the site will pretty much define whether it is an e-commerce site, a community portal or multi-media download center.

The Facebook is a sleek design graphic is greatly improved to make the entire site looks appealing and promising. The interface is also much cleaner with nice typography applied for good readability.

Concept Designs of Popular Sites

Redesigning Foursquare’s User Pages by Clay Parker Jones

IMDB Website Redesign by Rob Hendricks

IMDB User Interface Concept by Vladimir Kudinov

Amazon Proposed Redesign by Maurice Kindermann

Amazon.com by Trevor Cleveland

Amazon.com 2 by Trevor Cleveland

Amazon.com 3 by Trevor Cleveland

Google Redesign by FloxDesign

MySpace +ID  by Rafael Oliveira

Facebook – Redesign by Czarny-Design

Facebook Redesign by jonaska

Facebook Re-Design by AndasoloARTS

Facebook redesign by Peter Knoll

Facebook Redesigned by pseudoroom

Facebook Design by Oliver Reichenstein

Facebook Facelift by Barton Smith

New York Times by Andy Rutledge

AmericanAirlines by Dustin Curtis


  1. Daniel Oct 2, 3:09 am

    Many creative urges, as many UX disasters. Couldn’t really replace them in practuce but some interesting concepts that could be adopted.

    I see many dream to redesign Facebook. Spec work opportinity, Zuckerberg?

  2. J Michael Koontz Nov 20, 5:20 am

    Some of these ideas are interesting looking in terms of pure design. Some look like they would be more functional than the actual current sites. However, all of these would be more useful to your designer audience with some discussion from the concept designers as to their thinking during the design process. Why did they choose to conceptualize the way they did? What aspects of usability were they seeing as the highest target and how did they go about designing for that goal?

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