How to Create QR Code: Best QR Code Generators


QR, the abbreviated form quick response plays a vital role in website tagging. The next-gen smartphones are about to make a huge use of this code, to succeed in online marketing. The purpose of using QR codes for online marketing is to advertise a particular product, via mobile. A sheer number of people are using smartphones and quick response will help the online business owners to promote a service very fast. At the same time customers will be able to access any data, installing QR code app on their smartphones.

You don’t have to put much effort to create QR codes if the mobile includes a code reader application. Just hold the phone over the code and see how soon the required data pops up. Along with reading the code, the apps will also transform the data to your phone. QR process is much easier than age old process of typing URLs into your phone. Smartphones user much install the application for quick access to any information. No additional scanner is required to read the code.

To shop for the best QR code generator, it is important to go through the online reviews on the same. Most of the site describe the generators and also pots few words on the services provided by this Quick response code generator. However, some of the QR code generators have a few common features and work for these information types: URL, Google maps, and contact information. At the same time, code generators will help you to create data matrix code and bee tag codes, along with QR codes.

What else a QR code generator can do for the smartphone users? Well QR code generator is covering a huge service area, facilitating the smartphone users in many ways. Any text format, maps, phone numbers, or other types of information can be changed into QR codes, using the code generator. Experts suggest including QR codes in personal blogs and websites. To optimize a site and crate traffic, QR codes have no other alternative. Search engine soon will update the site and the will increase. Visitors will start recognizing the codes and start chart listing them.

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  1. Jeroen Oct 30, 7:18 pm

    Okay, granted…it is a geeky site, but this one does nearly everything for everybody, form using RGB (screen) to CMYK (print) color support, to the ability to embed logo’s and even supports animations. See (yes it is in English) for more details.

    There are plenty more great QR code sites out there, I guess it depends on what you’re looking for and how much time to have to find and list them ;)

  2. devika Oct 31, 5:43 am

    This would have been a much better article/post if it had gone through some basic editing for grammar and spelling. As it was, it was difficult to read.

    Decent list of code generators, though.

  3. Glenn Evans Nov 5, 11:21 pm

    deliver is another great QR code generator and tracker. I’ve used it in a few projects and have been very pleased with the result.

  4. Nob Sep 19, 6:37 pm

    For all lazy designers there is my new version of, which automatically places a logo image in the middle of the qr code without breaking it and exports to high resolutions for best quality.


  5. Jack Armstrong Oct 27, 6:21 pm

    There is a new Free QR Code Generator and Mobile Website Builder on the market. This QR Code links to a Mobile Profile that gives you the ability to display all vCard, Links, SMS, Video, Sound Tracks from one single QR Code. You don’t have to pick what you think is your best display for the code. Now you can give the customer access to all from one code. Just released in the Google Chrome Web Store too.

  6. Cristin Nov 15, 7:14 am

    I love this tool: to create QR Code barcodes

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