Creative and Interesting Product Packaging Designs

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When you’re launching a new product, it’s extremely important to think about how it’ll make its way to success among competitors. Of course, the excellent quality of your item ensures its brilliant performance in the long run, but before that, you should think of the ways which will provide it with a good start. Once a person has already experienced a trustworthy product, he or she tries something new rather unwillingly. So your goal is to make your product stand out. This can be easily achieved if you pay special attention to creative product packaging designs.

Should it be designing, oriented on a specific audience, or a design that is not common for a particular kind of a product, don’t be afraid to go as far in your imagination as possible? Even the craziest idea may turn out to be extremely profitable.

If you already have a successful business but you want to improve it, try creative product packaging designs for limited series of your items. Such series are extremely popular and you’re sure to benefit from such a campaign, especially if you launch it on holiday eves or for special occasions.

Below is a set of the most stunning examples of creative product packaging designs that might inspire you.

Product Packaging Designs

La Bella Packaging

Kihoku, dried fruit.

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Tres Nueces Bags – Paper and Wine bottle bag

Salomon Packaging Design – Packaging design and in-store display developed for Salomon.

Implus’ Welcome Pack

Implus – the emerging loyalty program is directed at the owners and managers of small and medium-sized shops. It is assumed that 30 thousand clients will enter the program. Any person who joins it will receive a welcome pack containing regulations, special awards catalogue and useful gadgets. In addition, it is all in a stylish and unique packaging which encourages to read its contents.

Vega De Azuer

Loma Chocolate

The branding and creation of a fictional chocolate company called Loma Chocolate. The concept is based on the idea of combining travel, vintage film photography, and chocolate into one brand and identity.

Puerto Vallarta Tequila

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Rugove Cheese Package

Orient Tea | The Origem Of Tea

Academic project developed from research on the history of tea. Through three legends exist to explain the origin of tea, have been selected three varieties of tea: India Tea, Japan Tea and China Tea, with a range called “Orient Tea / The Origin of Tea.” The concept is based on cultural elements characteristic of each country. Across the grid of the composition was kept the balance of information and graphics on all sides of the pack, looking for a uniform structure.

Flag V-Cubes Packaging

Matadog design, created a triangle packaging to fit all V-Cube products. Sweden Flag V-Cube is one of the Flag series.

Hammock Bay Rum

Dos Manos XA Tequila

8 Seconds Canadian Whisky

Gummy Calcium Cows – Vitamins for Kids

Vitamin C Vitpops – Vitamin C Lollipops for Kids

Buck Bourbon Whiskey

Buck Bourbon Whiskey is designed to speak to ranchers and cowboys everywhere. The unique two piece label and glass were inspired by the old west and whiskey bottles of that time period. The idea was to have the bottle feel as if it was pulled down from an old saloon shelf, dusted off and poured. Thus visually conveying the whiskey’s age and quality.


Created a brand for a new horchata (rice & cinnamon) flavored liqueur as a flagship product with other flavors/beverage line extensions to be added. This would be a line of aguas frescas liqueurs.

Quick fruit packaging concept

Instant karma

Kleenex packaging

Lightbulb box

Good Day Bakery


Licor Beirao

Jooze – Designed by Yunyeen Yong

Storyville Coffee


Yo-ho-ho Juice

Brachia Olive Oil

Doritos Packaging Concept

Nani’s Recipe

Justin’s Nut Butter

From Our Farms



Moses Delivery

Azita’s Almost-All-American Hot Sauce

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