60 New Creative Business Card Designs Inspiration


Business cards are a must for any particular company to represent their company’s name or suppose their individual names. The information that is usually there in a business card is the address, phone number, email id etc. Other than this the logo of the company is important. The business cards are generally kept simple giving it the executive look with a white background and black text.

The main information with the company’s logo comprises the new business card. But nowadays you can notice a change in the type of business cards with a hint of creativity in it. These cards attract the attention of those intended and it is a good way for promoting yourself. If you are planning to make a new business card and don’t know ways to progress, then here is the place from where you can start.

Promote Products with Business Cards

A metallic design is something unique which can be used for promoting your products. The material is lasting and you can engrave all your details on it. This looks catchy and attractive and is different from the typical one. There are solid metal cards, metal steel effect, ice effect, brushed metal, metal imprint, animal tags, full colors in metal, and many others. You will get some good choice to select as they are artistic and will let you flourish in your business.

There are as many as thirty seven types of cards personalized photography cards. These types of cards attract every one and make your company exceptionally great. A good icon is always there to represent the style of the company and a sharp design lets you place out from the competitive market.

There are business cards for clothing company, cards inspired by world cup, cards for sculptors, card for fitness coach, cards for providing solutions to construction industry, coffee cup filled with coffee and laminated. Black and white business cards are also needed in some companies. They are important for the formal introduction and is a way of presenting the business you want it to be.

These creative business cards are of various shapes and sizes. Cards for photographers, soft business cards, studio cards, zebra logo, music logo in piano, simple cards, iPhone cards, cards for wine bars, etc are some of them.

New Creative Business Card Designs


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  1. Bharat Mandava Jan 11, 5:28 pm

    Typography on these cards is really awesome, most of these guys used Premium Fonts, I think.

  2. AUDevil Jan 11, 6:32 pm

    Where do designers go to get these cards produced/printed? Typical business card printing companies in places like Tallahassee, Florida do not offer unique options of printing on non-typical papers or materials. Anytime I ask them if they can print on chip board they look at me with glazed over eyes. Can anybody offer advice on who to contact?

  3. Rachael Jan 12, 11:56 am

    I read a post on another blog recently that suggested the traditional business card might be dying as people will migrate to using digital ones. This post proves that they certainly aren’t!

    I love the embossing and indentation on the cards, I like the Javier Garcia design, I can imagine how it will feel in my hand. The cocette wine corks are great idea too. I think my favourite is the Mario Rayz one though, probably mainly due to how it’s been photographed in this picture, but a great idea for a creative director to suggest about boundaries.

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