60 New Creative Business Card Designs Inspiration


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  1. Bharat Mandava Jan 11, 5:28 pm

    Typography on these cards is really awesome, most of these guys used Premium Fonts, I think.

  2. AUDevil Jan 11, 6:32 pm

    Where do designers go to get these cards produced/printed? Typical business card printing companies in places like Tallahassee, Florida do not offer unique options of printing on non-typical papers or materials. Anytime I ask them if they can print on chip board they look at me with glazed over eyes. Can anybody offer advice on who to contact?

  3. Rachael Jan 12, 11:56 am

    I read a post on another blog recently that suggested the traditional business card might be dying as people will migrate to using digital ones. This post proves that they certainly aren’t!

    I love the embossing and indentation on the cards, I like the Javier Garcia design, I can imagine how it will feel in my hand. The cocette wine corks are great idea too. I think my favourite is the Mario Rayz one though, probably mainly due to how it’s been photographed in this picture, but a great idea for a creative director to suggest about boundaries.

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