Creative Playing Cards Designs


Whether its poker, solitare, bridge, hearts or any other cards games – they have always been fun and suitable for different gatherings. However aren’t you just bored of playing those old types of cards and wouldn’t you rather have something pretty and creative in your hands that would boost up your skills and maybe you’d have more chances to win? Well folks, maybe this selection of playing cards will make you think about setting your classic cards aside and choose something creative and fun, or inspire you on making your own deck of playing cards:

Round Cards

Invisible Playing Cards

Did you know that cards are believed to have been invented in Ancient India and were found in China as early as the 9th century where some say that the relatives of a princess played the so-called “leaf game”. Legend has it that the composition of a deck of playing cards has religious and astronomical significance – meaning each suit of 13 cards represents the 13 months of the year, while the whole deck of 52 cards represents the 52 weeks of one year.  The Ace is believed to symbolize “Alpha and Omega” or the Beginning and the End (the term comes from the famous phrase you can find in the Book of Revelation – “I am the alpha and the omega” that belonged to Jesus).

Soviet Mayan Cards

Golden “Hello Kitty” Playing Cards

Art Quilt Deck

Indonesian Shadow Puppets Playing Cards

Cards of Life and Death Deck

Salvador Dali Poker Deck

Typography Playing Cards by “Michelle Lam”



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