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30 Interesting Credit Card Designs Examples

If we think of credit cards, we usually imagine some plastic rectangles with some bank logo on them and then the stuff we can buy with them, of course… The idea here is that we tend to think of credit cards in a functional, material way and don’t leave too much space for imagination.

But what if I tell you that some artists and designers thought of designing credit cards in a more creative way as if they were like blank spaces longing to be filled with color and shapes? And the credit cards companies accepted the challenge to let them surf the wave of imagination and creativity. What a nice idea!

The world is tired of generic, impersonal credit cards that represent the grey life of busy money-making, in which there is no time for art and sparks of emotion and joy. Maybe these fabulous credit card designs that you will see in the showcase are another step towards a more artsy and colorful business life. I know, it sounds a bit strange, but it’s fun!

In this showcase, you will see 30 of the most interesting credit cards design examples gathered from the whole world. It’s so nice when such a thing that you use every day seems like an art piece that actually brings you pleasure from seeing it in your pocket, not just for the money it represents…

Credit Card Designs Examples

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