20 Examples of Cufon Font Replacement

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The technique of Cufon font replacement is based on the use of vector graphics and JavaScripts. With the help of these, it accesses font file and write texts on the browser. Since this technique relies completely on JavaScript and not flash, the entire process takes very little time to complete compared to the use of sIFR.

So isn’t there any solution to this problem? Of course there is a way to come out of this situation. You can do this with font replacement technique. Earlier, designers used to rely upon sIFR fonts and image replacement techniques. But today, they have gained access to a more powerful tool and it is Cufon font replacement. This replacement technique gives you a wide selection of font types and styles.

You design your website using a particular font, but that font type may not open in other computers or devices. Others might be seeing your website texts in different font type. And as you know font type and style are an integral part of the entire look and feel of your website, they can make your web property appear differently on different systems. Now, such thing happens because some font types lack single universal format and as a result, are limited in their reach.

This technique is not only faster but also easier than sIFR process. When you replace font with Cufon, you have to transfer font file to the replacement script generator. Once it is done, you have to upload the received file to your browser and the rendering engine script to your website page for generating fonts. In case of sIFR font replacement, you need to follow a bit complicated process as it requires generating a flash-friendly font file.

Other advantage with Cufon is the reduced file size. Once the font is rendered and compressed, the font size considerably reduces by 60 – 80% from its original condition. Also, it has wider and universal reach to all systems because it doesn’t depend on flash. For instance, iPhones are not flash friendly and as a result, website made with sIFR font replacement doesn’t open up with the original font type and style on the device. In contrast, the website using Cufon fonts work on a large number of devices including iPhones because it runs on the JavaScripts. Lastly, use of JavaScripts and compressed size of the font file do not create load on browser.

There are so many advantages associated with the use of Cufon font replacement technique that it’s almost impossible to do without it. It is undeniably ahead of the pack so far.

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About Cufon font replacement tools

This font enables the designers to render a complete new look to a website without making it appear clumsy with too many image tags.

Some of the fine examples where this font technique has been used and yielded great impact include – Press 75, Phoenix Web Design, You Know Who, Shopify, PSD2eCommerce, Mana Music and Festival Boreal, etc.

This is not all. There are plenty of others too and a few more that deserve to be shared here are: Newlife Uniting, Primer Presents, Localti.me, Sage Blue, Pixel PR Studio Reklamy, IceArt, St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, and International Rugby Association.

You can explore these examples to get an idea how does the use of Cufon work in favor of the websites and what extra elements you can add to make a difference. Try to focus on each element separately and make a note for future reference. It will help you when you build your website using this technique.

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