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Depositphotos Review: New Design and Features


Depositphotos.com is one of the best online stock photo agencies of the world having more than 4.5 million photographs and vector images.  It is the fastest growing stock photo agency in the world with approximately ten thousand new image additions every day. This is only the present rate. It is bound to increase in the future.

New Home Page


Old Home Page


New Design

On 29 September, 2011 the website made a major update in its design. The key features of the new design are as follows.

  • The search functionality has been extended. Just punch in a few letters and you will begin to see related recommendations along with the number of results.
  • The rank of an image in a particular search result will now depend on every word of the image title which helps the users to find better results.
  • A filter is provided which enables the user to switch between only vector images and only photographs or both.
  • The new design is capable to suit any web browser though the best fit starts from 1024 X 768 with unlimited higher resolutions.
  • Every image size (note: not only image but image size) has its own file type description and a separate download button. This latter feature enables the users to buy images through only a click.
  • The dashboards of both buyers and sellers have been updated.
  • The core of the website has been updated which results in ten times better speed.


The site presently offers two methods by which one can earn a free subscription.

1. Free Subscription for Bloggers and Site Owners

This option is for bloggers and site owners who have an active blog with a decent number of readers/followers. They can earn a free trial subscription of Depositphotos by writing blog post or website article reviewing the site depositphotos.com.  Click here for further details.

 2. Free Trial Subscription

Everyone can use this option. Just sign-up on the site; either manually by filling up a form or simply through your Facebook profile and you will be entitled to download five images per day for up to seven days from their 4.5 million images.  Like bought images, these images are also royalty-free. See this link for further details or for signing up.

Special Offer for Photographers

Photographers having large number of photographs can avail this option. Photographers only need to upload their photos on the site and the rest will be taken care of by the officials of Depositphotos. Such photographers will get higher positions in search results and possible participation in the Photographer Promotion Program. See this link for details.

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Payment Options

All major credit cards and merchant accounts are accepted. See the image below for a complete list. In addition to the traditional paying methods a payment option through cell phone’s SMS is also availaible. This option is mainly useful for those who don’t want to reveal their creadit card details on net. See this link for details.


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