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How to Design for Creative Agencies


If you are designing a website for a creative agency, you need to take the specifics of that agency into consideration when selecting a WordPress theme, whether it will be a multipurpose theme or not.

The agency in question may focus on web design, communications or content, but will always have a keen eye and high standards on how and what its online image says to a potential client. That is why not every web design tool can deliver suited results for an agency.

There are rules that need to be followed when designing a website for one of these agencies:

  • The website must communicate trust.
  • It must engage the viewer, with a strong focus on conversions.
  • It should be built keeping in mind the most up-to-date design and UX rules and standards.
  • The WordPress theme you choose must allow a high degree of customization, so you’re always in a position to deliver something stunning.

This WordPress theme is an excellent example: customizable, conversion focused and with such high standards in terms of looks, that your agency will love it from the first moment.

Simply put, it’s a WordPress theme specially built for creative people.

Creative people

Uncode’s Creative Agency Concept

How Do You Create a Website for Creative People?

By the very nature of what it does, a creative agency can sometimes be a difficult and contentious client. It can tend to be a bit picky, just as you can be when you are putting together your own portfolio.

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A creative agency can confront you with some very high standards, but with the skills you bring to the table, in combination with Uncode’s powerful capabilities you can bring to bear, you’ll always be up to the challenge of meeting or exceeding those standards.

But first of all, you should try to understand your clients better. What are these creative people like?

  • The creative mind is introspective.
  • Complexity and ambiguity lie within the mind’s comfort zone.
  • It can tolerate a high degree of disorder.
  • It can extract order from chaos.
  • Unconventional is conventional – to the creative mind.
  • It is willing to take risks.

That’s the client profile you will be dealing with, or close to it. Creativity can be messy. But working with such a client will also give you the opportunity to create outstanding projects.

To deal with this, you need to choose a tool that is flexible, and supports fine-tuning and customization. Uncode, with its adaptive grid system and options capable of doing the impossible, provides the perfect solution to dealing with complexity and unconventionality. Its concepts (check out the awesome showcase of websites built with Uncode) can be transformed in such unexpected ways.

The 5 Most Important Pages and Areas in a Creative Agency’s Website

  1. The Homepage – Most of the time, first-time customers to a creative agency’s website will land on the home page. It is imperative that this page tells the visitor who the agency is and what it does. If the visitor doesn’t understand this immediately, he or she is apt to look elsewhere.

When designing the home page, avoid cluttered layouts and unclear focus points. The headline, and everything else, needs to be clean, crisp, and modern, like in this Uncode Demo.

The Homepage

Uncode’s Creative Studio Concept

  1. The Portfolio – Once a potential client is satisfied with what the agency homepage promises, the next stop will generally be the portfolio. A portfolio should never be slapped together. It should showcase only the finest projects or examples. The visitor should be able to come to the conclusion, in a matter of seconds, that the agency does great work.

Uncode’s advanced grid system and masonry portfolio layout makes building an awesome-looking portfolio a snap.

The Portfolio

Uncode’s Portfolio Agency Concept

  1. The About Page – Knowing what the agency can do, and how well it can do it, is only a part of what a potential client is looking for. The About page provides the visitor with the agency’s history and introduces the creative team. This is where the essentials of the business are explained, and it is best done in an appealing and interesting manner.

Here is what a modern About page should look like – simplicity, focus, and a smart use of white space.

The About Page

Uncode’s About Page Concept

  1. The Contact Page – The contact page needs to be kept really simple. The focus here is not necessarily to tell more about the business, but to put forward to a potential client the simplest possible contact form, and, of utmost importance – a call to action.

The Contact Page

Uncode’s Contact Modern Page Concept

  1. The Blog – Blog posts are great supplemental features for effectively communicating a creative agency’s case studies, experiences, or thoughts.

With Uncode, you can build blog posts that look great, and command attention, by incorporating:

  • Parallax effects that can add depth to a page.
  • Beautiful topography
  • Calm, relaxing colors, with fonts and font sizes to match

As an example:

The Blog

Uncode – Blog post example

Uncode – The Creative’s WordPress Theme

Uncode  provides a robust and reliable solution to all those websites that must promote creative minds: agencies, web design freelancers, art directors and in general, artists.

One reason for this is the fact that the Undsgn ThemeForest Elite Author Team focused on creating state of the art concepts and a high customizability, helping you, as a web designer, make even the most pretentious clients happy with the final result.

This, plus the authors’ focus on providing a theme capable of producing clean and powerful websites though the use of adaptive imaging and an adaptive grid system, results in highly satisfied clients, and impressed end users.

Uncode is still relatively new, but it has already received more than its share of awards, being a product that makes important steps in being one of the most appreciated WordPress themes in the world.

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