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Designing the Proper Landing Page


The majority of websites have an intent, whether it’s to; showcase work, present & sell a product, for entertainment, or provide information, and at the end the way that the website is laid out showcases the main aspect of it, but there may be specific pages that can help funnel your target audience and increase the wanted action, those are commonly called Landing Pages.

Landing pages can serve a wide variety of reasons and intents but the main one is to get the user to take specific action; sign up for an account, a mailing list, download software or acquire a specific product.


By designing the proper landing page with the correct elements and the right visual components can help you achieve higher conversion, optimize ROI and fulfill in a better way the desired intent of your web page and website.

Landing Page Guidelines

There are some fundamental ground rules that we can follow to make sure we end up with a proper landing page.

Know Your intention


The overall first step is knowing what your page is being created for and what’s the purpose of it; design will differ depending on this and will allow you to narrow down the number of elements placed on it, the design direction to be followed and the kind of content that needs to be placed.

Grab Their Attention


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Use a great, visible and catchy headline to keep users active and focused on your site, the first thing that you need to do is to keep users on your webpage and have them take a look at the info, present all necessary information but keep design consistent and simple. The use of target keywords within your headline is helpful because it quickly gets your message across to your targeted audience.

Secondary Headlines


Use a secondary headline if necessary for information purposes, add continuity to the first headline by assuring the previous statement and reinforce the intent idea with a good statement, this secondary headline can be longer than the first one but must not steal the spotlight or shadow the first headline in a visual design point of view.

Go With The Flow

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This may be related to the first of our guidelines but can be proven as an excellent tool if used correctly. Make sure there is a visual flow to your page that way users won’t have to look too much for the information and can provide a narrative to your website, do this by using hierarchy in terms of typography and visual elements to get the user take a look at important elements first and having secondary elements strengthen previous ones or/and add value and information to them. Keep it relevant.

A Confused User is Not a Converted User


All components of your page should prompt the user to take the expected action, reassure them that signing up, buying or provide information has no risk at all. Don’t allow for multiple call to action components this will distract the buyer, customer or client. Using white space and proper line height is essential, if things are clumped and cramped user may get distracted and will probably move onto something else.

Pertinence & Relevance

If the user clicked on an ad to get to your landing page no matter where it came from and that add explicitly says “something”, then make sure that specific “something” gets fulfilled. Using misleading ads or misleading content makes smart users feel like they’re being lied to and no one likes that.

Fundamental Items

Once that the guidelines have been set up it’s then time to add everything up together and create your Landing Page.

Headlines That Grab Your Attention


Headlines allow the user to enter the mindset of the brand and can be used to inform the user of the identity of the company. Use site headlines as a catch and use secondary headlines as an extension of the previous ones.

Clean Buttons With Easy To Read Text


Buttons are your friends, users know something like this is clickable and can draw users’ attention when used and designed properly, add a “no risk” and subtle secondary headline to your button to have them know clicking on them is not something time consuming or leads to a risky measure.

Easy To Fill Out Forms

Forms allow the user to feel like their identity is taken into account and their opinion is important, keep it brief with forms since having user type too much takes time and they may end up feeling inadequate for this.

Trust Indicators & Risk Reducers


Offer guarantee, attestation and certification on your secondary headlines and statements. Make sure that concerns and main user’s doubts are cleared before compelling them to take an action and offer free trials if possible.

Warm and Inviting Colors


The proper use of colors can take a huge load off your back when used properly. Study a little bit of color metrics and their impact on users and make sure they add up and complement the user experience and product being offered, action wanted to be taken or/and information provided.

The Available Tools

You can find great website building tools online that will let you improve your Landing Page experience with a few steps.



An online app where you can create landing pages for almost any type of business or product. Integrations with major newsletter apps like Mailchimp, Salesforce and Constant Contact is simple. Pricing starts at $25 month.



With a variety of pre-designed templates and Facebook application integration Landigni is simple to use so that you can get started in a few simple steps. Starting at $9 dollars a month Landigni allows you 2 active landing pages and a max of 25,000 visitors.



Another landing page creator that includes pre designed templates and a drag and drop feature to create landing pages. The single landing page package that Instapage offers is set also at $9 dollars with unlimited unique visitors.



Mostly known as a website builder Breezi’s new framed slideshow app allows you to create landing pages with image frames that include, PC, Mobile Phones, Tablets and Apple like products. Creating a landing page with Breezi is different from other landing page creators because it does not conform to pre-set templates you are free to design and build your landing page any which way that you’d like. Breezi’s free version includes a subdomain but for only $5 dollars a month you can use a custom domain and create up to 3 landing pages.


Chaz is a Graphic Designer at Breeziwebsite builder, which allows designers to easily create and manage websites with pixel-level control. He is also a part-time self-proclaimed geek who enjoys web and print design, freelancing, cinema and continuous learning.

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