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Best Design Examples of Ribbons and Badges, Free PSD’s


A trendy look of a website with relevant information is on demand from the viewer’s side. Implementation of 3D elements in web site designing is a latest practice to earn more revenue from the sites. Lot of other equipments is in use to enhance the creative look of the sites, at the same time maintaining the productivity to worth the log in. A use of badges and ribbons banners in website designing is now being highly admired by the web developers. Browse through the websites and you will find plenty of sites using this trendy ribbons and badges.

“Pretty Little red ribbon” is a good ribbons and badges example. The site describes a freebie, on behalf of a web project with a simple red ribbon, the word free written in white on it. Give a look and you will be inspired to use ribbons for your next project. The site is handy. Any viewers of this site will find it a pleasure to un-tie a red ribbon to get something in free. It worth’s the look and serves the purpose easily.

“Curled date ribbon” is another ribbons and badges example. WordPress themes designers will surely like this design. It is very important to mention the post dates with word press themes file. Curled date ribbon comes with the idea to mention the dates with a curled ribbon, attached to the word file. At the corner of the page, the date is visible. Designers can use the color scheme, if needed. Also they are facilitated to change the size of this PSD files.  The quality of the content remains as it is. Only the appearance of the post date changes.

Another Ribbons and badges example is “Blue featured ribbon”. Tie a worth reading content with blue ribbon at the corner. This ribbon is again a resizable vector. The users can change the colors of the ribbons, in just few clicks. It will take 3 minutes to change the real theme and set a new one. “Fancy Ribbons” “Arrow badges” “Stylish Ribbon and badge” “Textured Banner” “Detailed Price Tag” “Pretty banner” “Rubber Brands” are other ribbons and badges example. All of them are PSD files and takes few second to download.

Examples of Ribbons and Badges in Web Design




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