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Design Your Own Business Cards, Tips and Tutorials


Nowadays everybody has his own little business or, at least an idea in mind about a possible one that maybe will come to life some day. Those who own a business are constantly looking for ways of extending it. But even if your business is flourishing and you have no troubles in attracting new clients, there’s always room for better, don’t you think? For example, how about business cards? Do you use this kind of marketing tools? And if you do, is it a well designed, representative, updated business card or is it just a check in a ‘to do’ list? Nevertheless, I think you won’t mind some tips and tutorials in the field of business card design.

Business cards are an important aspect that shouldn’t be neglected, as it plays a big part in the way you and your products or services that you are providing are perceived by your potential clients. It is the impression that hasn’t faded once the conversation is over and you’ve said goodbye, as the persons you’ve just spoken to still hold your business card in their hand.

The design, the colours used, the fonts, the images, everything is important, interconnected and have their role in sending across the message about your company across the world. That’s why some of the businessmen use the professional services of a designer in creating the best business card design in order to represent them and their business adequately.

Ok, but why not try to design your business card yourself? There are so many tips and tutorials available over the World Wide Web that you’ve definitely stumbled upon at least one of them. Here, we’ve gathered some of the best and most interesting ones that would help you succeed in designing great business cards.

Design Your Own Business Cards

Create a Slick Business Card with Stunning Typography

Business Card Design Walkthrough

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Create a Stylish Business Card in Photoshop

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Business Card Design Project Walkthrough

Business Card Design Walkthrough

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