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Top 10 Professional Email Templates


Email templates for HTML emails. Premium email template design, ideal for small and large business e-mail and e-marketing. Email templates are a useful way to promote your business, while providing a professional image via email.

Tested for all existing email applications, but all HTML email, presentation will vary depending on the settings of each individual beneficiary HTML mail. Tested this extensively and meet every major standard templates email there!

Email Templates

Airmail! – Customizable Email Template

Airmail! - Customizable Email Template

Airmail is a professionally built and designed custom HTML email template!

Perfect for just about anyone – usable for everything from newsletters to eFlyers to whitepapers.

Airmail comes with 5 pre-built color options (white, green, blue, black, light blue) as well as 4 different layouts (click below for samples), but it’s also incredibly easy to customize to your or your client’s specific needs:

1. 2 Column Layout (Right Sidebar)
2. 2 Column Layout (Left Sidebar)
3. Full Width Layout
4. Post Card Layout

Customization is incredibly easy and I’ve included very extensive documentation on how to use this template. Just open it up, begin adding your content, and send it out via MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, or your favorite HTML mail sending ap.

Impress your audience with animated websites and web presentations.

With Slides, we don’t make you start from an empty slate. All you have to do is to pick the elements you like best and combine them. Each slide has been carefully crafted to satisfy three key criteria: aesthetic, function and usability. That way you know every element works together seamlessly while enhancing the impact of your content.

Create a Website

Versatile Email Template – 7 layouts + 5 colors

Versatile Email Template - 7 layouts + 5 colors

Versatile is a professional HTML email template!

It’s versatility is due to the:

wide usage thanks to the 7 pre-built layouts
5 color schemes
fast and intuitive system of creating new layouts.
layered png source files for each separate item included for easy editing
extensive documentation

consistent look in major email clients. Works in:
Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail
Thunderbird, Outlook 2003 & 2007
MailCHimp, CampaignMonitor
Apple Mail

Fresh Newsletter

Fresh Newsletter

Fresh Newsletter is clean, professional and multi usage newsletter solution. It comes in 12 themes, 10 layouts each (total 120 pages), and layered elements PSD file. You can customize it very easy following the help documentation and HTML code comments.

Features & Content

12 Themes each of them contains 10 Ready to use HTML newsletter pages.
1 layered Photoshop File contains all themes graphic elements in case you want to change or create new color.
Very easy to customize it through user friendly documentation.
Valid HTML 4 .01 Transitional.
Ability to copy/paste rows from layout to another.
Ability to delete/duplicate any row.
Check out screenshots for layouts features.

Versatile Newsletter 2 – 9 layouts, modular system

Versatile Newsletter 2 - 9 layouts, modular system

Versatile Newsletter v2 is a professional HTML Email Template.


9 prebuilt layouts + various types of other layouts can be built easily thanks to the included layout creation system
supports all email clients: from Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail to Thunderbird, Outlook 2003 & 2007, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Apple Mail etc
2 versions for each layout: one with embeded css and one with inlined css. The embeded css versions are very easy to edit and can easily be converted to inline css using the link to an online service provided in the documentation
other color schemes can easily be created
modular layouts – easy to add and remove content
layout creation system – build a newsletter general layout complete with placeholder images and dummy text in minutes, writing little to no source code but using a copy-paste pre written code approach instead. More info on this below.
extensive documentation
png and psd source files

Corporate Newsletter Template V1

Elegant and ultra-clean email template in 6 different colors and 4 layouts for your newsletter.
This is an ideal solution for your email marketing campaigns, event invitation or periodical news.

Included elements in the download:
– 24 HTML pages.
– 6 fully vector layered .psd files.
– Help file.

– 24 HTML pages.
– 6 fully vector layered .psd files for skinning, easy to customize, well organized and sliced.
– 6 different colors: red, blue, orange, green, purple and black.
– 4 different layouts for each color variation: sidebar on the right, sidebar on the left, no sidebar and postcard.
– BONUS : all mini social icons were sprecially designed for this template and are vector shape layers so you can change colors or size the way you need. But it is recomended to use them with the current size.
– Tested and working in all major email servers: Gmail, Yahoo!, Oulook, Thunderbird, Windowns live Hotmail, Apple Mail and many mores. Note that some email providers don’t render the newsletter 100% correct and you may notice small differences.


iNewsletter email template for web development / software companies that want to give their clients an update on their new products and latest news.

There are 2 designs samples, with 2 different content arrangements, each having 2 different backgrounds, so you’ll get 6 different layouts.

The HTML Templates have been tested on GMail, Yahoo Mail and Thunderbird. Update: Works on Apple Mail, Hotmail and Microsoft Outlook as well.

Modern Business 4 HTML Email Template

Modern Business 4 is a professional HTML email newsletter template. If you need a vibrant, strong and clean looking solution for your email campaigns to promote your latest product or service, this is the solution for you. With 3 different colors and both single and double column designs, you have many options.

With attention to detail, fantastic use of color, table based design and fully tested using a 3rd party service for email client compatibility this template is ready for your information to be inserted and sent.

With quick edit layered photoshop files of each separate graphical item, editing to your requirements is super easy. I also include the full single column design in a layered photoshop file. All colors included.

I have included great help documentation, with hints and tips from myself, plus links and a complete breakdown of everything.

Here’s what you get in the product download:

3 Different Colored Single Column HTML Templates
3 Different Colored Double Column HTML Templates
1 Single Column Photoshop File (3 Colors)
8 Quick Edit Photoshop Files For All Elements
1 Buttons Layered Photoshop File To Create Your Own Buttons
1 Help Documentation With Hints and Tips

Cielo Newsletter

Cielo Newsletter

Cielo is a stylish custom created HTML email newsletter. It can be used for a wide range of purposes and will help both the freelancer and the businessman in their communication with clients, partners or friends.

Platnum Email Template, 6 Layouts, 8 Colors

Platnum Email Template, 6 Layouts, 8 Colors

Platnum is a modern and stylish newsletter template, suited for any business that wants a solid newsletter.
Platnum comes in 8 colors
Each one with 6 pre-built layout styles.

Compatible Email Clients: Outlook 2000, Outlook 2002/XP, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Hotmail, Appel Mail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, AOL Mail, Mobile Me, Thunderbird 2.0, Thunderbird 3.0 and Lotus 8.

Elegance – HTML Email Template

Elegance - HTML Email Template

Send beautifully simple and elegant emails with Elegance, a template focusing on clean typography, grid layout and balanced negative space. This template is available in three colors and two different layout options including:

3 different color schemes: Black, Brown and Green
2 different layout options: Column format or Row format, expands gracefully
6 labeled and organized PSD files for each color scheme/layout option
12 complete HTML files, with your choice of original styling or in-line styling for each color or layout

Tested in all major email browsers for form and functionality. Customization is very easy and instructions are well documented!

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