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Adobe Dreamweaver is web design and developing application for creating websites and applications for use on multiple targets including browsers, devices, and tablets. Web-designers use Dreamweaver to create website prototypes using web-friendly artwork. Using CSS inspectors and tools you can create standard-based websites and applications that will easily flow across multiple screens. Web-developers use Dreamweaver for writing clean organized code using the powerful IDE creating flexible mobile applications that can be used both online and on the devices.

Adobe Dreamweaver works easily with complex content management system such as WordPress and Drupal. It also helps developing and deploying of original mobile applications using web standard-based frameworks and services. Shortly speaking, thanks to Dreamweaver designers and developers are able to create and manage web sites and mobile applications in user-friendly environment. Dreamweaver is constantly improving from release to release.

Now let’s see what new wonderful features of Dreamweaver CC are.

Dreamweaver CC

Now we have visual means of control over all the properties of CSS that allows us to create clean, web standard code in a matter of minutes with the CSS Designer Tools. Fluid Grid Layout allows creating dynamic web design, which adapts to the screen size or device. Also Sync Settings, Edge Web Fonts, jQuery UI are new features you’ll learn about from this review.

CSS Designer

Undoubtedly, CSS Designer Tool consisting of several panels has become a major update in Dreamweaver CC. With its help, we get a visual control over all the properties of CSS. This allows us to create clean, web standard code that is not clogged with unnecessary elements. Sources panel displays CSS sources or CSS files associated with the project. In the Media panel, you can select the screen size, controlling the web page look on different devices. Selectors panel shows a list of CSS classes that are associated with the selected object.

If you choose COMPUTED in the Selectors panel, you will see all the properties of the chosen object in the Properties panel. Here you can easily round the corners, add gradients, change background properties, set opacity and box shadows using visual methods of control. At the same time you do not have to constantly switch to the code window. You can immediately see all the changes on your screen. It is now possible to generate prefixes for different browsers, allowing web design to look the same good in any browser.

Fluid Grid Layout

Fluid Grid Layout feature allows you to create dynamic web design, which adapts to the screen size or device. When creating a new document, you can choose a grid system for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop in the New Document dialog box.

Here you can set the width of the design, the width of the columns and their amount. Also you can see the grid structure, modify it, and then place your page regions within the grid directly into Dreamweaver. The editor will help you create separate files for desktop, tablet, and smartphone devices and uses CSS3 Media Queries to deliver the design that is best for each one.

Sync Settings

As a member of Creative Cloud, you can install Dreamweaver on two computers. Dreamweaver CC gives you the ability to sync your preferences and site definitions between them.

Edge Web Fonts

Adobe has integrated Edge Web Font service directly in the Dreamweaver CC. Now we can get access to a large library of free web fonts, powered by Adobe Typekit, from the Property Inspector or from the Modify menu. Selection and control over the fonts is done in the Manage Fonts dialog box. Now you can add high-accurate, vivid typography, creating pages that will be loaded incredibly fast.

jQuery UI widgets

Now you can insert jQuery UI widgets, such as Accordion, Tab, Date picker, Progress bar and so on directly from the Insert panel. Control over the jQuery UI widget parameters is done in the Property Inspector.

Dreamweaver CC also has an updated and simpler interface that allows you to work more efficiently. Context menus allow you to change the properties of objects intuitively easier. In addition, you can code more efficiently using the improved code hinting and syntax coloring. Here I would like to note that Dreamweaver CC is only available through Creative Cloud.


  1. SandroO Jun 18, 3:45 pm

    Seriously who develop with DW ?

  2. welogodesigner Jun 18, 4:01 pm

    The main question is not change. It’s about does new features is good enough to compete with other editors like coda, sublime text, espresso etc.

    • Mamat Jun 18, 5:31 pm

      Why ? because all this aps are mac only… no thx

      • David Jun 18, 5:50 pm

        No. Sublime Text is also for Windows and it’s amazing. Also, you can use Visual Studio 2012 Express.

        • Philip Jens Bramsted Jun 18, 10:11 pm

          Never heard about Sublime Text until now.. I’ve spent some time working with it and have to admit it is really neat.. One thing that annoys me though is that I am unable to transfer using FTP unless I pay for a plugin. That is actually a part of DW I really enjoy.

          I think it depends on whether you are a programmer or website designer.. DW definitely focus on making it easy for web designers to create an intuitive workflow, and you are able to create a workspace that has nothing but the code window opened. Then again, there is no reason to pay a huge amount of money for DW if you mainly are programming.. Then I would definitely stay with Sublime Text or perhaps Notepad++..

          I don’t really like the Espresso Tool.. It seems like they have focused too much on creating an interesting UI. It doesn’t appeal to me in a professional way, yet again, it has some hidden treasures when you are exploring its features..

          As this article describes, DW CC doesn’t really give you much more features than a bit of visual editing.. Not that it isn’t nice, but as the owner of the CS6 Master Collection, I am still not convinced of joining the CC. Still As a website designer, DW is definitely my favorite website developing platform so far.. Who knows? Maybe some day something more interesting might appear.

  3. Mark Jun 18, 7:26 pm

    I use DW, but I’m weaning myself off it since I got a Mac. Anyway, I’ll stick with CS6 because I’m not about to rent software.

  4. Tim Jun 18, 11:02 pm

    I’m a developer first and designer second so Dreamweaver is definitely not the tool for me. I’ll stick with VIM.

    That being said I can see some real benefits to using a tool like Dreamweaver, especially for pure designer types.

    Thanks for the article. :)

  5. Uros Jun 18, 11:35 pm

    Great, but i’ll stick with Sublime.

  6. Oleg Jun 19, 2:07 am

    I have to admit that I’ve been using DW since yearly 2000. I’ve been using it in design mode first, then I moved to the editor view as soon as I felt quite confident.

    And I’ve been using it as a code editor for almost 10 years. I wasn’t using any tools it has but the editing screen only.

    For the last couple of years I use Sublime Text. But I can definitely say that DW is a great program and it’s made very well. Very quality product.

    And if you start designing/developing you might want to spend some time working in it just to get an overall feeling of how web development works, because it has many tools to help you to learn.

    There are programs which make you want to do more of what you do and to do it better. DW is one of those programs.

  7. Mark Jun 19, 5:24 am

    Watching that fluid grid layout video was almost painful. Sooooo sloooooow. I kept wanting the guy to switch to code view and get it over with!

    • Tibee Jun 21, 8:58 pm

      Yeah.. I think so.. writing code is much faster than try to adjust padding in the CSS property tools in DW.. lol, I’ll stick with Sublime Text

    • Dana Jun 26, 5:54 pm

      Well, if it was so painful for you genius to watch you may want to experiment on a new feature: it’s called close the browser window … ever heard of that ?! … or do you enjoy pain …

      • Mark Jun 26, 6:12 pm

        I was just making the point that those of us who know what we are doing and don’t need a WYSIWYG interface to hold our hand can get the same task done in a fraction of the time.

        • Dana Jun 26, 6:47 pm

          Got it the first time Mark, however the new features in DW CC don’t regard you as the accent was put mainly on the CSS Designer Tool, that was exactly what the “guy” was teaching in the video … this is why there was no need for you to be supercilious

  8. Dels Jun 20, 6:09 am

    Still too expensive for code editor, for drag n drop design we could use adobe edge reflow…still stick with sublime and notepad++

  9. Alexander Goncharov Jun 23, 4:03 pm

    If you want to use Adobe’s code editor – you should definitely check Brackets (, it’s an open-source editor, which is developing really fast!

  10. David Lapointe Jun 28, 9:34 pm

    Well, even if DW is bundled with an FTP upload, it’s way cheaper to go for better options like Espresso on Mac or Sublime on Mac and PC (along with the FTP plugin, it’s not as costly as Dreamweaver).

    They’re better all the way down to the price.

  11. Marcos Aug 12, 1:41 am

    There can be tons of new features, but IMO they’re aren’t cool enough, or at least most tasks can be achieved through simpler processes, with less expensive and bloated software.
    Meanwhile they buried Fireworks claiming it was old as they never have given it a decent update, even though it’s still useful.
    Do they understand web?

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