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Best Free and Premium Drupal Themes (Templates)


Drupal Themes (Templates) are specific genre of themes those are downloaded into the CMS platform so as to decorate the webpage in accordance to the need of a specific customer. Technically speaking, Drupal is an open ended platform of CMS, which gives a web designer the liberty of trying a wide range of designing options which are easy as well as comfortable to carry out.

The Premium Drupal themes, which are also referred to as premium templates are one of the most advanced ones, when you speak of looks as well as their usability. Drupal themes are generally used for commercial purposes and are designed with a lot more care so that the templates can have maximum effect on the users and are able to attract as much viewership as possible. Free Drupal themes are very effective as well but are available in abundance and are used by a lot of web designers worldwide Let us have a quick look at the premium Drupal themes as well free Drupal themes in this article.

The Drupal themes are generally available in five textures and contain a massive amount of options for you to use in the websites. Some of the textures or themes as they are called are really very unique and feature a number of specialties like slider in the front page for preparing portfolio, pages needed for preparing customer-specific portfolio with pop-ups that will help you to have a preview of the image. A few other Premium Drupal themes contain different types of sliders various types of visual effects and other options that can be viewed by simply clicking the suitable tabs. Certain Drupal themes are available with certain variety of themes along with sliders those can be used depending on the category of the products. They also contain various comments, description as well as the images of the products along with a number of added features. The Drupal themes are really a user’s’ assets.

The designers can set the look of the webpage in a number of ways depending upon the type of product it is launching. Thanks to these available options, with every passing day, the designers are able to develop more and more eye attractive webpage giving the online business a shot in its arm.

Free Drupal Themes

Acquia Prosper

Journal Crunch


Corporate Clean

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Premium Drupal Themes


Wellfolio – Perfect Minimalist Portfolio Template

Converge – The Best Premium Drupal Theme.

Creative – The Premium Portfolio Theme

Smooth Drupal 6 Premium Theme

Simple – A Simple & Advanced Premium Drupal Theme

Clean Design – The Clean and Elegant Drupal Theme

City Magazine – The Most Advanced Drupal Theme

Corporate X – Multipurpose Drupal 7 Theme

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