20 Free and Premium eCommerce/Shop HTML Website Templates And Layouts

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eCommerce is getting more and more prominence in the modern market. There are lots of business owners who like to do business following the eCommerce model. Since it has become one of the major sources of profit in the present-day business scenario, entrepreneurs, as well as companies, are moving from away from conventional brick and mortar business and getting into the world of eCommerce. Getting a good eCommerce or shopping portal is hence, very essential in this regard. Though exclusive design from the hired professionals is always a great option, but for with a shoe-string budget, website templates and layouts can be a greater choice. The HTML eCommerce templates or online shop website templates and layouts are in high demand nowadays in the market.

These templates and layouts are just perfect for e-commerce or online shopping portals. There are lots of e-commerce companies or online stores who are using these templates as their websites and earn a good profit in a regular basis. Some may find it difficult to search this kind of templates in the internet. But it is really very easy. There are two types of HTML eCommerce or online shop website templates and layouts that are available in the net; one if the free version and the other one is the premium version. Both of them are good in quality and have many things to offer to the users.

However, if you don’t have any limitation of budget or you want to have something exclusive, then it will be better to try the premium version of these HTML templates and layouts. These templates and layouts have simple HTML codes for the files, images and fonts sources. These templates are editable, be it free or premium. So you can easily give them a personalized look once you download or buy these templates.

These templates have all the qualities and functionalities that you can ask into an eCommerce or online shopping website. At the same time, they are highly user-friendly as well. So your viewers will never feel any kind of trouble in using such a website that is created from a free HTML eCommerce template. In the web you can have plenty of options. All you need to do is to pick the right one for your business, do the necessary changes in it and make it perfect for your business and finally publish it for your clients. The whole process will take hardly a day. So these templates save both your time as well as money.

Free eCommerce/Shop HTML Website Templates

Clothes fashion

At first Clothes fashion looks a bit irritating since the primary coloring is overwhelming. Nevertheless, the template is based on a classic layout and has all major components and widgets to sell the goods and provide visitors with all the vital information about the business.

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It has a tiny twist: the content is aligned on the right side and, as a result, there is an extra room on the left side that can be used for incorporating some extra promotional visuals, as shown in the preview.

You are free to grab PSD file, HTML/CSS file, and even images.

Online movie store

Online movie store tries to balance text and multimedia thereby providing the online audience with a harmonious and organized environment. Since such type of projects should handle lots of images such solution is believed to be the most optimal. It skillfully leverages a traditional 3-column layout with excellent formatting and the well-thought-out amount of white space.

The column on the left is reserved for an aid navigation while the rest two unobtrusively display products. This modern HTML/CSS template is cross browser compatible and includes an extra PSD file.

Furniture shop

Although the title suggests that the template is suited to sell objects and fittings for creating an interior, yet the default coloring and classic organization broaden theme’s potential and make it suitable for various spheres. It is based on a grid system that helps to avoid messy appearance. There are four columns that cover all the data.

The header section includes primary navigation menu while the category list occupies the left sidebar. There are some ornamental touches such as chat bubble styled blocks, bright social media icons that hang on ropes or stickers on the logotype that develop pleasant aesthetics.

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Premium eCommerce/Shop HTML Website Templates

App Website

App Website

App Website gives you basic instruments to sell applications. It looks modern and stylish. Being based on a solid yet flexible foundation, it can easily survive in the present-day world full of mobile and tablet devices. It leverages flat style graphics, beautiful matching coloring and eye-catching CTAs that contribute to the cause.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon lets you notify online audience about the upcoming product and find some potential customers beforehand. It is a responsive one-page theme that complies with all the modern trends and requirements. Thanks to the startling contrast between background and foreground and a ton of white space the content occupies the leading position and seizes the whole attention.

Deal Website

Deal Website

Deal website is aimed to effectively promote and sell your digital deals and products. It is a minimal theme that is crafted according to modern tendencies. It owes its beauty to flat style, gorgeous, vibrant coloring, tiny effects, and neatly packed together data. You can use photo backgrounds or solid color canvases since both of them perfectly fit to the aesthetics. It has lots of space and extra sections and widgets to describe the product from different angles.

First Page

First Page

The first page acts as a front page of the sterling online shop or can be used as a promo one-page website that is narrowly targeted and advertises only one type of a product.

The team has carefully designed and coded all the integral components that may come in handy in such cases. Here you will find a sign up form, multimedia players, buttons and much more.

Landing Page

Landing Page

Much like the previous example Landing page has a potential to work by itself or become a part of a more complex project. Being based on a block model and a custom flexible framework, it is very easy to use, customize and navigate. Thanks to Bootstrap 3 that underlies the theme, it is charged with some extra features of this powerful boilerplate.

Video website

Video Website

Vedic website has a rather minimal structure, so that it embraces only the stuff that is required most. It includes an eye-catching video presentation in the welcome section, pricing table in the main section and extra links and copyright information in the footer. In addition, there are sign up form, navigation bar and a narrow panel for showing off famous clients.


Vital features that distinguish e-commerce templates from others are the presence of shopping cart, currency list, products display, checkout page, payment options. In other respects, as a rule, everything is alike: there is a neat and reliable design structure, gallery section, working contact form, image slider, animations, accompanying effects, valid code and basic pages such as login page or ‘about a company’.

Although we have rounded up only HTML templates yet with the help of some extra third-party plugins, you can easily transform them into the sterling websites or just convert into appropriate CMS themes.

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