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Earn Money with Designmodo


All of you know that Designmodo sells high-quality and large UI Kits. Some time ago, we crossed the milestone of 10,000 sales and 1,000,000 free downloads. We are excited about these milestones and want to extend our reach with your help.

Now we are opening up our affiliate program to the public. This gives you the opportunity to share Designmodo products while earning money.

By default, we give 25% from sales to our partners, a significant earnings percentage. But today we are extending a special offer to readers – a 30% commission from sales! You only need to register and send us your email.

To get started and become a Designmodo partner, you need to register following this link and read a brief tutorial on how to work with our affiliate program.

How can you increase earnings in the affiliate program at Designmodo?

Write articles

Write articles / tutorials on how to use UI kits with examples of our products, making sure to include your affiliate link in the text.

Write showcase

Write showcase and inspirational-type articles where you can include our paid and free products, along with other examples. It is crucial for articles to be interesting and useful.

Put our banners on your website

Put our banners on your website in prominent places. Use different banner formats for different products. You can generate or download all our banners by following this link.

Use social networks

Use social networks. Share your affiliate link with your followers and readers. Maybe your friends can use our products, too!

Use newsletters

Use newsletters. If you have a base of users interested in web design, write them about our UI kits, and of course do not forget about your link.


Our partners have strong earning potential.

Thanks for helping in the promotion of our products, and for your maximum earnings check out the Benefits of UI Kits and Affiliate Program Presentation pages for more information and testimonials.

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