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Best Premium eBooks For Freelancers, Designers And Web Developers

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Books are the best friends for life! The more you read, the better your knowledge grows and becomes sharp. And since web designers and developers have to work within a competitive space, reading books for new ideas and their execution becomes all the more important.  Earlier you could access only the hard copies; but with the evolution of technology, you can now read books online too. As a freelance web designer and developer, some books are highly recommendable for you to read.

The above-mentioned books are designed for both beginners and experienced professionals. You can read any of these books to get useful tips on web designing and developing. Some books also tell you about the ways to manage your time so that your creativity can be best utilised. These premium eBooks for freelancers, designers and web developers are written in simple and easy-to-understand language. At most places in these books, you will find that one topic is discussed at a time and well-supported with examples to make your learning easy.

If you like, you can pick the eBook to learn about the ways to build a personal or business website from start to finish. The book contains every necessary detail right from booking a domain name to renting hosting server, to building HTML code for first page to creating online database based on PHP and MySQL. Site promotion, marketing and monetizing tips are also shared in this book. However, if you are filled with enough creative juice but time management is an issue, then you can go for the Time Management for Creative People e-Book. It has all the tips to ensure commitment towards a much needed task at much needed hour.

The Woork Handbook and Design Your Imagination are useful if you want to learn about programing languages and know the ways to build a new website. For freelancers, Web Designer’s Success Guide can prove quite beneficial as it contains the trade secrets of freelancing. It can help you right from earning clients to making additional income and promoting your freelance services.

In free time, you may even lay your hands on The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web, W3Schools and Web Style Guide 3rd Edition. All these eBooks are good read. The more you read them, the better you will be able to grow as a professional. So keep reading E-books!

eBooks For Freelancers, Designers And Web Developers

Smashing eBook #1: Professional Web Design

Web design, with its wide range of disciplines and fields, is not an easy nut to crack. However, it is possible to put together a book with some of the crucial principles and fundamentals that you will need for every project you take on.

Smashing eBook #2: Successful Freelancing

Didn’t work out as you expected, did it? The freelancing life was supposed to give you more time with the family and free you from that incompetent boss. You even assumed you would be better off financially. Instead, you’re working longer hours and are under constant stress, worrying about various aspects of your business. It has to stop.

Mobile Design for iPhone and iPad

You know it and so do your clients: taking mobile devices into account is a crucial requirement for the success of websites today. Advanced smartphones and tablets like the iPhone and iPad are gaining popularity, and mobile Web usage is growing with no end in sight. Consequently, we designers have to create engaging mobile experiences, with state-of-the-art design solutions. This eBook offers everything you need to keep up in the mobile Web game.

Online HTML Email Template Builder

With Postcards you can create and edit email templates online without any coding skills! Includes more than 100 components to help you create custom emails templates faster than ever before. Try now for free!

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Smashing eBook #3: Mastering Photoshop

Many claim to be able to teach you how to master Photoshop, so why should you trust this eBook to explain techniques any better than others? Here is why: because the book was written by someone just like you.

Mastering Photoshop for Web Design, Vol. 2

As the technology becomes more advanced, all of us seek for time-saving tips and guidelines to make our work much more effective and productive. The brand new eBook “Mastering Photoshop for Web Design Vol. 2” contains 11 articles that cover useful and partly unknown Photoshop techniques and tricks from experts in the field. The articles discuss retouching, cloning, compositing, obscure Photoshop timesavers and designing for iPhone. The articles have been published on Smashing Magazine in 2010 and 2011 and have been carefully edited and revised.

Professional Workflow For Web Designers

The Smashing Package provides financial and legal advice as well as work related icons and vector graphics for professional Web designers. These will surely help you to improve your business workflow and help you carry out sound decisions when engaging in business with clients.

DIY Design and Branding Toolkit

This is a premium toolkit designed specifically for bootstrapping entrepreneurs and small business owners who are operating on a budget and can’t afford to work with a professional graphic or web designer yet.

Smashing eBook #6: Web Typography

Getting the Hang of Web Typography is dedicated to web workers that are dealing with typography in their daily lives, but have no special training for this independent craft. This eBook gives you the necessary background on macro- and microtypography, it helps you to choose suitable fonts and use modern techniques such as Web font embedding. It’s a valuable book that helps you to create rich, sophisticated Web sites with beautiful and elegant Web typography.

Smashing eBook #7: Professional Web Design Vol. 2

The pace at which the Web rolls today has picked up, and we feel obliged to give you a status report and outlook. This eBook focuses on recent changes in Web development, as well as design trends that are likely to catch on and could have a substantial effect on our workflow.

Photoshop to HTML

“Photoshop to HTML”, Nettuts+ editor Jeffrey Way takes you through the entire process of converting a design from Photoshop into a complete HTML /CSS website! But this is NOT just an eBook. It also comes packed with extras! You also get a directory of Photoshop, HTML and CSS files for you to use as you work through the book AND a series of 14 screencasts covering the whole project from beginning to end.

Theme Tumblr Like a Pro

Theme Tumblr Like a Pro, Nettuts+ manager Jeffrey Way shows you just how much you can do with Tumblr, while still maintaining its core principle: simplicity.  Tumblr’s ease-of-use and streamlined approach has allowed its popularity to skyrocket, becoming one of the top blogging platforms around!

Digging Into WordPress

There is much to learn about the World’s most popular publishing platform. Digging into WordPress is nearly 450 pages of taking you from your first steps of learning about WordPress all the way through maintaining a site throughout the years.

Getting Good with Git (eBook + 5 Screencasts)

Andrew Burgess will take you from knowing nothing about source code management to being able to use Git proficiently. You’ll look at why you should use a version control system, why Git is better than the other options, and how to set up and use Git. This book covers some of the advanced features of Git, and includes an appendix of other resources that will take your Git knowledge to the next level. We’ll even get to know GitHub!

Getting Good with JavaScript

JavaScript has become one of the most widely used programming languages in the world. This book will get acquainted with what JavaScript; what it is, where it came from, and most importantly – how to code it!

How to be a Rockstar WordPress Designer 2

Want to take your WordPress theme designs to the next level? Rockstar WordPress Designer 2 picks up where the original Rockstar WordPress Designer left off and teaches you the advanced tools for WordPress mastery! Rohan Mehta translates his extensive experience as a WordPress developer into a straight-forward, practical guide to advanced WordPress features like custom post types, widgets, and more.

Rockstar WordPress Designer

Managing web content has always been tricky, but with WordPress, any web designer can have a flexible, free and powerful CMS to use not just on blogging projects, but on all sorts of websites. In How To Be a Rockstar WordPress Designer you will learn step by step how to take a straight HTML site and power it with WordPress.

Mastering CSS for Web Developers

Are you stumped by the rather sophisticated nature of CSS ? Getting a grip on this still dewy technology isn’t quite as hard as you might think. Connecting the dots is easier when you have all the vital facts within reach. And that’s what “Mastering CSS ” is all about. This eBook offers 15 hand-picked articles that overflow with professional advice and that reflect the deep experience of the Smashing Magazine authors you trust — authors who know exactly what they’re writing about.

How to Create Selling E-Commerce Websites

Designing and developing e-commerce websites is a puzzle with thousands of pieces. Not only are the layout and structure of your Web store important, but you also have to keep the user experience and conversion rates in mind. These are what, in the end, really convince your client’s customers to click that shiny “Buy now” button.

Successful Facebook Marketing (PDF, ePub, Mobi)

Whether you’re trying to build your personal business, build your personal brand, sell your product or forge your community, Successful Facebook Marketing helps you get results! You’ll learn how to make an impressive Facebook page and find out how Facebook can lead to a huge source of traffic, sales and clients that most people don’t even know about.

Freelance Confidential (Includes PDF, ePub + MOBI)

Drawing from the survey statistics of over 3,200 freelancers from around the world, and in depth interviews with 10 notable freelancers, including Ed Gandia of International Freelancers Academy, James Chartrand from Men with Pens, and Location Independent’s Lea Woodward.

iPhone App Entrepreneur

About developing an iPhone app (or even if you already have), this book will be a fascinating read. It will provide you with all the knowledge and technique you need to spot a great opportunity, get the most from the App Store, make smart decisions about development, craft a stunning interface, and promote your app successfully.

Rockstar Business

Rockstar Business is a special collection of inspirational stories, thought-provoking reflections, and take-it-from-me advice from author and self-described “rockstar,” Adriaan Pienaar.

For the first time since launching several popular entrepreneurial ventures based in his home country of South Africa, Adii Rockstar opens up to share his principles for living a happier life and reveals rare business insight with readers – many of whom will certainly be customers of the 25-year-old Pienaar’s popular online design companies, WooThemes and Radiiate.

Twitter Up Your Business

This Rockable* Mini-Book, author Maneesh Sethi takes a look at the social networking phenomenon Twitter from the perspective of a business owner, and explains how to make the most of the service to boost your company’s brand, popularity, and – of course – sales.

How to Build a Successful Blog Business

How to Build a Successful Blog Business is a straight forward guide to building a publishing business online that covers everything from choosing a niche to hiring staff, registering a business to selling it, finding traffic to monetizing it.

How to Be a Rockstar Freelancer

Covering everything from getting started to expanding your business, How to Be a Rockstar Freelancer is the official FreelanceSwitch book. Written by Collis & Cyan Ta’eed – the founders of the site – it’s packed with new information, advice and insights not covered on the blog.

The Freelance Statistics Report

There are millions of freelancers around the globe, but for most, freelancing is something done in isolation. What do other freelancers charge? Do they quote or estimate? How many hours a week do they bill? These and many other questions are what we set out to answer in the Global Freelancer Survey of 2007.

Find, Pitch and Win Your First Web Design Client

This 47 page PDF minibook takes you through the process of positioning yourself in the web design market, identifying some potential client, writing a brilliant proposal and winning your first contract.


This eBook will help you understand the best method of promotion on Twitter. This method has been tested several times, using different accounts regarding various themes. The results were impressive. In all of the cases the account has been promoted rapidly, so we could successfully conclude that this very method works perfectly for any kind of promotion. The main idea of this method of promote yourself or your business is the fact that you will always be sure that the people you have recruited are the people interested in what you do and offer. This way you will know the exact number of people you could promote your services and products to.

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