20+ Eco Friendly Recycled Paper Business Cards

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Our present world is threatened by an important environmental issue known as the Global warming. Thus, many businesses are turning green and one among them is printing eco-friendly business cards. These cards play an important role in communicating about your business to others. It is a way of advertising your company and the eco-friendly cards can be designed to expose the clients, suppliers, customers and the prospects that your company plays a small role in saving the environment. Creating the eco-friendly recycled paper business cards is not very tough, and also leaves an enduring impression in the minds of the viewers.

These types of business cards are very user-friendly to the nature or the environment and can be made through the Commercial Green printing. These cards look very professional, appealing and durable and are mainly safe to the environment. Now-a-days, printing the eco-friendly cards are nor very expensive and it delivers excellent quality printing with a brighter and a sharper image. The eco-friendly card printing people do not use the chlorine compound papers instead they use the whitened post-consumer recycled contents. Rather than petroleum-based inks, they use the soy or the vegetable inks which are entirely environment-friendly.

There are several colors of recycled paper available and you can choose any color you wish. Always remember that your business card creates the first impact on the viewers and thus it should be very impressive as well as creative. If your company is opting for the eco-friendly business cards, it will display your awareness towards the environment as well as delivers a benevolent vision about your concern among the crowd. By reusing the recyclable papers, there are also numerous handmade papers manufactured these days. In order to get a good impression, choose appropriate colors, fonts, images, patterns and other features in your business cards.

By using only cost-effective elements, these eco-friendly recycled paper business cards are created. These papers are chlorine free and are safe from health hazards. Thus, printing these harmless cards, builds your company’s reputation and you can also minimize the wastes occurred by a business. Make the cards more creative and unique which would be the best way to get noticed. If possible, print an eco-friendly message on the card which would promote your business indirectly. Following such tips and techniques would not only improve your business but also would be refreshing in the minds of the customer.

Eco Friendly Recycled Paper Business Cards

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