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Email Newsletter Designs Examples for Your Inspiration


Newsletters, as you probably know, are publications about a general main topic, distributed with regularity to its interested subscribers. Most of the times, newsletters are an information providing tool to members, employees or customers, used by various clubs, societies, companies or businesses. But there are some newsletters designs that are directly sold to the subscribers, used as a money-making opportunity.

One of the most common marketing strategies is keeping your customers interested and sticking to your site by sending them regularly newsletters with the newest events and all the updated available services provided by the organization.

Although there are a lot of companies that send newsletters only because it’s a common thing to do, one can find some that put a great effort in their design and text, as it is a great way of surprising their customers in a pleasant way by luring them with stylish backgrounds, crazy and ingenious logos and appealing ice-breaking greetings to their website at least once a week.

So here are 40 of the most impressive email newsletter designs that I’m sure will get your inspiration flowing and help you with your own newsletter, giving it the proper form and colors in order to send across the right signals and enchant your clients and potential customers.

Email Newsletter Design Examples

Fifty Coins

The email template is a synthesis of lavish decorative details. Every component of the UI starting from typography and ending with the background is sophisticated, complex and far away of being called regular. The design aesthetics is based on three main things: wooden texture, grunge touches, and numerous original typefaces ranging from script to bold one.

Nevertheless, despite such a visual intensive scene, photos of pizzas nicely stand out.

Whiskey Militia

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The artwork has a surprising depth of emotions that at first may evoke quite mixed feelings. Multilayer aesthetics is just outstanding. It is bizarre and extravagant.

Although renderings grab the biggest piece of the pie, nonetheless chunks of content that are scattered throughout the scene do not lose its importance thanks to solid highlight backgrounds and bulky sketchy typefaces.

Team Worx

Unlike the previous two examples, this one leans more forward traditional route and opts in favor of clean logical arrangement and a small amount of decor. The composition with blue birds is a centerpiece that strikes the eye and adds an artistic note. It communicates the message promptly and efficiently. Content that is laid out into two columns is intuitive and easily scannable.


Percept is juicy and vivid. Splashes of colors establish the rhythm here, giving the project a magnetic personality and charisma. The template balances photos and carefully crafted renderings pretty well.

Relatively wide black stripe that houses the important information is a wise solution since it distracts user’s attention from the setting and directs it towards the content.

Nation Toys

The mockup expresses the philosophy and spirit of the project with the help of coloring and whimsical pattern. Dominant green empowers design with positive mood and such traits as reliability, freshness, and naturalness. The background echoes with the logotype, uniting brand and design together. Huge text blocks are skillfully delineated by thick borders and ample space.


The theme of newsletter complies with its nameplate. An ingenious take on American flag sets it apart from the others. Not only does it bolster the brand identity of the company but it also serves as a reliable foundation for the vital information.

The project breathes with creativity, originality and of course, patriotism.

Letone email

Letone email mixes and matches renderings quite efficiently thereby generating a pseudo-realistic environment with ease. The design owes its impressive look to two key factors. The first one is a digital setting that is an excellent cooperation of objects that characterize the company. The second one is the way of presenting the content that due to unique diagonal non-linear layout becomes a thing to marvel at.


Dekalb goes for a majestic, elegant and delicate vintage atmosphere that is professionally brought to life by a synthesis of corresponding graphics, textures, and typefaces. Although the design breaks away from the standard themes, however, the arrangement of the content obeys the regular rules. It is placed within the two-column grid that is improved by a large amount of free space.

Art Dcore

When it comes to the design industry, as a rule, templates reflect the nature and sphere of expertise of the agency, and email newsletter of Art Dcore is a perfect example of that.  The company is specialized in decorating interiors, and the email shows this with the help of corresponding sketches that overlay the backdrop, characteristic brownish coloring, cardboard texture, and featured portfolio pieces on the bottom. Slanted arrangement of the text adds an extra flavor.


Paradise allows photos to speak on behalf of the establishment. There is a ton of static multimedia. Some of them are used to compose a grotesque vibrant centerpiece that is overfilled with energy and emotions while others convey welcoming and heady atmosphere inherent to the club.

Land’s End

Land’s End has a super clean design that gets the most out of minimalist approach, bright matching color scheme, simple geometric shapes and a smart combination of typefaces. The spacious feeling that is prevailing on the template naturally focuses users’ attention on offers.

Icon inc

The newsletter is dedicated to the latest issue of online magazine, revealing the intriguing excerpts from the articles. The design meets the industry. It is illustrated as a front page of a traditional newspaper with the huge masthead, short open letter from the chief editor, and some links to other related posts that might be interesting to the audience.

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