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Email Newsletter Designs Examples for Your Inspiration

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Lomography International

Its extraordinary beauty lies in watercolor effects, gentle palette, delicate hand-drawn graphics and calligraphy font. The template looks artistic and inventive, yet at the same time elegant and subtle. Pink used as a core color sets the tone, giving the email a romantic appeal. Thanks to well-thought-out arrangement, the copy does not lost in such a marvelous composition.

Wainwright’s Yard

Much like the previous example, here a pink shade rules the roost. However, this time, it supports another kind of atmosphere, which is more formal. It is aimed to enrich the design with a fancy and original traits. Solid graphical details, sharp typography, conventional structure and absence of any lush ornament bring to the scene a businesslike feeling.

Robb Report

At first glance, the email gives an impression of a classic greeting card that is intended to salute readers with the upcoming winter holidays. The author has composed the composition from the attributes that are widely associated with Christmas such as snowy boulders, burning candle, a glass of red cocktail. The coloring with a predominant red reinforces the festive mood.

Ecko Unltd

Ecko Unltd is a mixture of electric, spirited and urban vibes. Although the bluish coloring slightly suppresses boundless energy that comes from fantastic prints on t-shirts, yet it is not enough to overpower it.Β  Prominent and large lettering made in grayish gradient as well as visually-weighty CTA catch the eye and serve as focal points.

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Brandinc exudes an image of the high-tech industry. Incredible drawings that are scattered throughout the design inject bits of positive emotions and techno feel. Quirky script font used for the title in tandem with pencil-like color fits here like a glove finishing off the theme. One-column layout puts everything in order.

Dancing Deer

The company leverages email newsletter with a yummy appearance and nice aesthetics that easily gives an edge to readers’ appetite. The design is rich in visuals; nevertheless, everything is carefully planned. Tiny inscriptions that accompany each section do not distract attention from the sweet photos, yet still make the piece informative. The modular system sorts out all the multimedia, providing users with a comfortable surrounding for moving around and indulging in reading.


The company has released an email newsletter the design of which expresses the mood of all the people who are in love. Although red plays the first fiddle here, occupying almost every pixel, however, it does not overwhelm nor feel aggressive. On the contrary, it is the primary instrument to establish general atmosphere inherent to St. Valentine’s Day. The author goes for a rough and bulky typeface to unobtrusively link the design with the sports brand.

Ballard Designs

Ballard Designs radiates of luxury and chic. The author skillfully plays with font, lavish curly decorations, textures, and pastel coloring to obtain a beautiful and tasteful aesthetics. The special offer that is placed in the heart of the template naturally draws the attention.

Chick Fil A

Compared with the majority listed above, Chick Fil A takes on a minimal approach regarding graphical filling. Nonetheless it is quite sufficient to deliver necessary message to readers as well as break away from boring examples. The offer is briefly described and the most important details are emphasized. The author is also managed to include social media links, a photo of the product and even some additional data.

Wild Thyme

Wild Thyme has an organic vibe and powerful sense of nature. Such a strong effect is achieved with the help of calm and serene color palette, plants-themed decor, and matching graphics. Smooth lines of blocks reinforce the placid and tranquil atmosphere. However, the design is still slightly overpowering, since there are lots of distracting factors that are tightly intertwined with the content.

My Publisher

The email newsletter has a refreshing appearance with a note of passion. A considerable amount of white space outlines the required information effectively and highlights the specials thereby demonstrating the product in the best light. Three-tone coloring helps to put readers in the mood. Red tone and elegant calligraphy font are used to give prominence to vital aspects.

Studio Inform

The author gives an original twist to the concept by illustrating it as a news-sheet that is hanging on clothespins. As for the rest, everything is pretty conventional. The content is laid out in a blog-style manner that presupposes one column for a text and sidebar for multimedia. Images are enclosed within Polaroid-style frames that add an old-timey feeling.

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