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Email Newsletter Designs Examples for Your Inspiration



The template feels like a classic website design. It utilizes the structure and free space quite rationally and productively. There is a standard header with a logotype, a welcome section with a huge image, content block with links and the matching icons that are neatly displayed as a list, and footer with extras. Each area is spaced out and is based on a distinctive backdrop that contributes to readability.


The newsletter is a successful attempt to reproduce digital lookbook. Although it is compact and minified, however, it includes all the necessary stuff to concisely familiarize readers with a brand-new collection. The calm coloring is chosen in accordance with brand identity and is tightly connected with the fashion industry. The author has also skillfully incorporated into the mockup social media, small navigation and a bulk of links.

Protein One

Much like the ‘One’, ‘Protein One’ also prefers a format inspired by corporate website designs. It is enriched with interesting tricks that spin aesthetics creatively. At first, it seems that it has a bit messy appearance. Nevertheless, after reconsideration, it becomes evident that there is a grid system that underlies the template and builds a proper architecture.


The illustration on the right that charges the theme with personality and supports the brand identity strikes the eye. The sidebar is less visually appealing, yet it skillfully bears all the information. The classic linear layout handles all the copy, equipping each piece with the carefully organized frame.

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The example also features skeleton of a standard website design. It shows the content vertically portion by portion, following principles of horizontal stripe layout. Ribbon-styled navbar complements the formal and generic kind of organization, adding zest to experience. Cartoonish header backdrop provides the design with a playfulness and friendly tone.

e-Crime Wales Summit

e-Crime Wales Summit delivers an impression of general review that is aimed to raise awareness of burning issues. Black monochrome background indicates the importance and seriousness. The original twist is an illustrative map of Wales that is composed of stats presented via various typefaces. The solution demonstrates how to dish up tedious data in informal and intriguing manner.

EA Sports

The email template oozes sports vigor and expresses powerful energy inherent to the company. The design is overpopulated with details, visuals, and text that unfortunately, kill user experience and cause problems with quick perception and finding the relevant information.  The time-tested layout tries to save the day, yet it is not enough.

Barnes and Noble

In contradistinction to the previous example, this theme is also enriched with a considerable amount of text and graphics, yet it looks tidy and carefully-organized. It is pretty handy to navigate and browse as well. The author is managed to achieve such a result generally by omitting overlapping elements and intensive textures as well as choosing neutral coloring and plenty of white space.

011 email

011 email takes a more traditional route to its design, deriving benefits from the conventional blog format. Thus, the header section houses an image; the main area is divided into two parts covering copy and sidebar for links; then goes ads block and footer with copyright info and some extras. The solution creates the consistency that is easily understood by the readers.

MailChimp Email Templates

MailChimp Email Template greets the subscribers with a big mascot that identifies the company and portrays the brand. The team is pretty conservative with resources: thus the content occupies just one relatively narrow column on the center. The template is broken into three vertical divisions to list data in order of priority and strengthen formatting.

Ford Newsletter

Ford Newsletter is well-balanced and properly systematized. It is also increasingly compact but at the same time informative. Traditional grid-based solution sets the stage for offers effectively. Each cell comprises a photo and a short description. The classic appeal of the design is appropriate for the targeted audience.

Email Marketing

The digital newsletter is content heavy: it houses numerous movie posters, film descriptions, and special offers. Nevertheless, it is well-thought-out and lined up perfectly. The modular approach does the trick here, saving the theme from feeling messy and overwhelming. Dark neutral coloring also contributes to clean look.

Malibu Email-Newsletter

Beautiful graphical stuff paired with a matching color scheme brings the energy to the design as well as reflects the mood and spirit of the event. This powerful alliance adds emotion to communication and charges the atmosphere with excitement. In all other respects, the author sticks with a clean look and intuitive layout. Good use of whitespace improves readability and reinforces user experience.


Not every company is eager to spend their money and time on a original, bold and sophisticated email newsletter design, especially when it comes to systematic notifications and weekly email delivery. However, as the studies show, this digital version of regularly distributed publication is a powerful instrument that helps to whet readers’ appetite on visiting the official website and leave users with no chances to hit the ‘unsubscribe’ button. Although the listed above examples took a great deal of effort, yet no one would deny that finding such an amazing and creative artwork in mailbox can lift the mood and make a day.

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