17 Nice Emoticons and Smileys Icon Packs

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Day by day the use of internet is growing and people across the globe are getting addicted to social networking and chatting. It seems that the world has become a global village where no individual is alone or far away from each other. Today hundreds of social networks and chatting platforms are available to interact with people and loved ones. Facebook, Sype, Yahoo messenger, and Msn have created such an enthusiasm that millions of people of all ages have got addicted to these social interaction and they spend lot of time every day sitting in front of a laptop, desktop, tablet or even mobile. This is truly an addiction! No way, you can run from it…!

And probably emoticons and smileys can convey more feelings than words can express. Often it is the emoticons or smileys that save you during a misunderstandings or make you express fully before your friends or loved ones. Thus emoticons and smileys have become integral part of our life.

It was in 1982 that Scott Fahlman of Carnegie Mellon University of Pittsburg Pennsylvania in for the first time ever used a message with digital emoticons and since then there is no looking back. Everywhere whether it is a web forum, online games or instant messengers emoticons, emojis and smileys are being used everywhere. These emoticons and smileys are truly the best way to express different mood and feelings. With the help of these emoticons and smiley you can easily express love, hate, sadness, doubt, and even kiss to your family, friends and loved ones. These digital signs catch one’s eyes very easily and very naturally an attractive way to catch attraction. Remember you can use emojis in your email newsletters.

Everyday new and new emoticon and smileys icon packs are being developed and introduced. You can get 17 nice emoticons and smileys icon packs now. These new emoticons and smileys icon sets not only carry more aesthetic value but at the same time enhance the thematic meaning. These emoticons and smileys icon packs are really fantastic and colorful digital signs to express feelings. No doubt that you will simply love them. So get these 17 nice emoticons and smiley icon packs and see what effect it brings to your life.

Emoticons and Smileys Icon Packs

Vista Style Emoticons Icons by Icons-Land

Emoticons Icons by IconTexto

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Y o l k s


Tango Emotes – Devil Extension

POPO emotions full version

The Blacy

Very Emotional Emoticons

Pidgin ‘Old’ Tango Smilies

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Micro Servbot Emoticons

28 Gummy emoticons PACK

Matte Motes Emoticon Set

16 non rasterized emoticons pack + bonus

36 Square emoticons PACK

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