20 Useful Firefox and Chrome Extensions for Firebug

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Over the last two years, Firefox and Google Chrome have surpassed Microsoft Internet Explorer and have become the most popularly used internet browsers. While Firefox is robust, Chrome has new extensions that offer exciting options for several web designers and developers.

With more than thousands of extensions available with both the browsers, the browsing experience has significantly improved attracting millions of users all over the world. Firebug integrates with Chrome and Firefox to put a wide variety of development tools that enable you to debug, edit or monitor JavaScript, HTML and CSS in any web page while browsing.

Firefox is a popular and a free internet browser that allows the users to interact and surf through the internet and has more than 450 million browsers across the globe. It is available in more than 70 languages and is used for Windows 2000 to 2007, Mac, Linux and many other handheld devices. Firefox is much faster than Internet Explorer and protects your personal information with good online security. The combination of Firefox with Firebug is quite useful for millions of browsers since it enables the browsers to enhance the website’s code.

It largely improves image handling and CSS and converts the Firefox into a code analyzer as well as a real-time editor. Thus, it helps the web developers or designers to save good amount of time by refreshing the browser quickly. Due to more options of customizations available, Firefox and Chrome Firebug extensions have been widely expanded. Due to instant access of CSS and HTML codes available, it allows the web developers to inspect each and every element of their web page while editing. The added functionalities and features of Google Chrome have propelled the browsers to use numerous free options while browsing a web page.

Important Uses of Firebug:

  1. Edits and Monitors HTML elements – It has a source window that highlights the changes needing modification and thus makes the HTML elements simple and useful for the browsers. Therefore, it offers a wealth of information that makes the HTML elements to be easily inspected, edited and loaded.
  2. Always at the service – It offers complete control over the websites and can be easily optimized for Site engineers, JavaScript developers, HTML authors, and CSS designers.
  3. Tweaks CSS to perfection – Allows you to identify the problem quickly and helps you to make necessary changes instantly.
  4. Monitors Network activity – It offers status codes that helps you to scan quickly and find out how your site optimizes the page load times effectively.
  5. Profile and Debug JavaScript – It is a powerful JavaScript debugger that can stop the execution process at any point of time to measure the performance.
  6. Find errors quickly – It gives you a detailed information about errors that occurred in XML, CSS or JavaScript through a status bar error indicator.
  7. Allows you to explore the DOM – It helps you to find and edit the DOM (Document Object model) objects quickly and effectively in JavaScript.
  8. Allows you to visualize CSS layout – It easily measures and illustrates padding, margins, sizes and offsets of your CSS boxes.

Though there are compatibility issues, the add-ons and extensions of browsers like Firefox and chrome are loved by web developers all over the world as they offer easiest and effective ways to troubleshoot, analyze and debug the web pages. They have the ability to enhance the productivity through their extensions and thus are used by millions online browsers all over the world.

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