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20+ Useful Firefox Add-ons for Web-developers


Mozilla Firefox in no time could attract the attention of web users away from other internet browsers because of its excellent range of add-ons. Its popularity and effectiveness has made it difficult for other tools to woo especially the web developers. Available with advanced add-ons and plug-ins, Firefox has made error finding and webpage optimization an easy and less time-consuming task. Plethora of information can also be accessed quickly with the help of these add-ons. Owing to this, even amateur web-developers prefer using Firefox add-ons for faster output.

There are about 20+ or so Firefox add-ons for web-developers in the market. As a professional, you can make use of any of them when required to enhance and increase the capacity and performance of your projects. Some of the most sought after Firefox add-ons which can become your best friend in the long haul are easy to use and reliable. Web Developer, Flagfox, Firebug, ColorZilla, MeasureIt, HTML Validator, YSlow, and SEO for Firefox are just to name a few.

You can benefit from each of these and other plug-ins by integrating them into your Firefox browser. For instance, if you add Firebug in your browser, your debugging, editing and monitoring process for the JavaScript, CSS and HTML code on any live webpage becomes easy. This single plug-in, literally, extends your reach to a variety of developmental tools almost instantly. Opinions seem to be undivided when it comes to the question of efficacy of the Web Developer’s tool also. This add-on is available with its own tool bar that can be used to perform multiple functions such as analysis, validation and optimization of the webpages. Another advantage of this plug-in is that it can work on other browser types also.

Likewise the utility of MeasureIt and YSlow cannot be ignored. If MeasureIt allows you to measure the height and width of an element on your webpage, YSlow helps you analyse the performance of your page and suggests techniques for its improvement according to pre-defined rules.  You can make use of these and other Firefox add-ons such as Adblock Plus, ScreenGrab, Greasemonkey, and IE Tab to boost the efficiency and output of your as well as your webpage’s performance. These plug-ins are of immense utility from the perspective of all web-developers including seasoned and new. The fact that they can be easily integrated into your browser’s function makes them even more attractive.

Firefox Add-ons for Web-developers


Web Developer



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Create a Website



FireShot – Webpage Screenshots: Capture + Annotate


GridFox – The Grid Layout Firefox Extension


Window Resizer

IE Tab

Palette Grabber


Font Finder

IE NetRenderer

Yahoo! YSlow for Firefox

SeoQuake SEO extension

Server Switcher

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