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Flat UI Pro 1.2.3 Released


Flat UI Pro 1.2.3 Released

Today, we have updated Flat UI Pro to version 1.2.3. We have fixed a few bugs, and we’ve taken into account your suggestions on how to improve the framework.

All those who have bought Flat UI Pro get updates for free. To download an update, log in to your account and download the archive containing the new release.

List of changes in Flat UI Pro 1.2.3:


  • Form elements added: legend, .help-block;
  • New “File input” module, developed on the basis of jasny’s fileinput.js, added;
  • input-groups.less module substantially modified and supplemented by new elements for better compatibility with Bootstrap 3;
  • Other minor changes.


  • navbar.less module completely remade;
  • Possibility to set navbar size added, and now indents and font size in default and inverted navbars are the same;
  • support of basic navbar elements added: navbar-form, navbar-btn, navbar-text, navbar-link;
  • fixed-top, fixed-bottom, static-top support added.

If you aren’t a buyer of Flat UI Pro, you have an opportunity to purchase the new version!

Thanks to all those who help us test and develop Flat UI Pro on GitHub.

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