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22 Completely Free Fonts for @Font-Face Embedding

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Are you getting bored of using the same old fonts in your websites? If yes, then @font-face is the device that you are looking for. It allows you to embed any font according to your wish into the websites. This device is helpful to abolish the monotonous use of same fonts each time you create a website. It is extremely popular amongst the web designers and the reason is clearly understandable. The search of the web designer for the perfect headline grabbing fonts for various websites surely ends with the innovation of the technique. These free fonts are new and fresh and hence you can give a fresh look to your website with these fonts.

Web designing is a creative job and like any other creative job it asks for variations. Repeated use of some particular style or pattern can easily make the task of web designing monotonous and boring. That is why attempt has always been made to create something new and better for the web designers so that they would be able to produce attractive websites for the viewers. In the attempt many devices, tools and techniques have been introduced in the world of “www” and the process is still going on.

@Font-Face embedding is the latest in the string of efforts. After its introduction, @Font-Face embedding has become a chief trend in the website designing fraternity. It is hoped that the regular system fonts will soon make way for the Web @font-face embedding and this surely enables the web designers to select almost any font style or/and typeface they want. It becomes similar to the print designing where the designers have the freedom to choose the font style. This will definitely make the process of web designing more creative and interesting and the viewers will get the chance to visit better looking websites.

The most important part of this is that these fonts can be availed for free from the internet. You can choose the one of your choice from that list and try it in your website. As a web designer, it is a good idea to try with free fonts since you don’t need to invest anything for that. Therefore, if you really want to try something new in your website then try these free fonts for @font-face embedding and enjoy the difference.

Free Fonts for @Font-Face


Greyscale Basic


Open Sans Condensed

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News Cycle

Latin Modern Sans

Existence Light

Lacuna Regular

Droid Sans









Hattori Hanzo

League Gothic

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