Forms UI – User Interface Kit

Forms UI, a user interface kit containing forms for almost any use, was built with designers and developers in mind. This pack contains authorization forms, order settlement, flight search, and a variety of other sometimes-complex forms.

Forms UI Add-on is based on one of the world’s most widely-used 12-column modular grids. All components are created with Photoshop Vector Shapes and are distributed as PSD. Components are grouped into folders.

Helvetica Rounded and Proxima Nova fonts are used in Forms UI. They aren’t included in the package and must be purchased separately. The package was created by Vladimir Kudinov and Sergey Shmidt.

Don’t forget to download The Bricks Framework. (It’s free.) The Bricks Framework is the core for all add-ons released for this UI framework.

Also, do not forget to buy our previous packs Forms UI, Elements UI and E-commerce UI, which are also add-ons to The Bricks Framework.

Forms UI Add-on – User Interface Kit

Forms UI Add-on

27 Responses
  1. John Sep 17, 4:25 pm

    Very big pack, big job. Promising first add-on, waiting for second part!

  2. Christophe Sep 17, 4:51 pm

    Just paid for it but the zip file seems corrupt. Can someone double check this? I can email you my invoice I.D. for verification.

  3. Christopher Werby Sep 17, 8:47 pm

    I’m unclear on what you’re selling. Are you including the markup, CSS, and Javascript for these forms? Or is it just the graphic elements?

  4. Chris Sep 17, 8:53 pm

    Maybe it’s a stupid question, but is it .PSD-only or complete css/html-forms ? Also, I’m very doubtful that those forms look like that in a browser (or are you using a new antialing technique ?)…

    • Adrian Sep 17, 9:12 pm

      Christopher Werby and Chris, check the description of pack, all components are created with Photoshop Vector Shapes and are distributed as PSD.

      • Christopher Werby Sep 17, 9:25 pm

        I got that. But frankly it seems inordinately expensive to pay $129 for elements which would mostly be created with CSS and markup in production work. I thought that maybe more was being offered.

        • Adrian Sep 17, 9:34 pm

          CSS/HTML version of this full framework coming in a few months.

          • Nimsrules Sep 18, 9:00 am

            In that case, I’ll wait for the CSS version to popup in my newsletter coming few months. Great UI though.

          • Donald Nov 7, 8:49 pm

            Do you have some info about release date of CSS/HTML version ?

            • Adrian Nov 7, 9:06 pm

              We can’t give this type of information, hard worked… We will announce on our website.

          • aslam Nov 21, 7:12 pm

            cant wait for the HTML

  5. Juth V. Sep 21, 8:17 am

    Already purchased :)

  6. gerardo Sep 22, 10:16 pm

    mee to
    In that case, I’ll wait for the CSS

  7. Mox Sep 24, 6:29 pm

    I´m also interested in CSS/HTML version, not only PSD. I will wait.

  8. Steffan Jordan Oct 6, 6:28 am

    Where Can I get info about license? I have no idea

  9. mejido Mar 4, 5:48 pm

    Hi. any new about the CSS – HTML version?.
    Thank you!

  10. Donald May 2, 9:43 pm

    This may work as a temporary solution until an official HTML and CSS version are created.
    Its a free photoshop plugin that converts elements into basic CSS for you. It can’t handle an entire PSD, but if you duplicate the element group your interested in over to a new document it works fine.

  11. Greg Apr 30, 11:00 am

    Hi, Is there any CSS-HTML version of this pack ?

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