20 Websites with Professional Free 3D Models for Download

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The online business environment has become highly competitive in recent years and one should use the latest trends and technologies in their websites to make it stand out from others. One of the latest technologies used in the online websites are the 3D modeling and 3D animations which are widely used by millions of people from all over the world.

There are a huge collection of free 3D models available online that can be used to attract the attention of the potential clients and visitors. Since they are very unusual, it tends to impress the viewers at first sight.

Any website that has a cartoon character or animation to explain about the products and services of the business would be remembered more by the visitors. With a wide variety of 3D tools available, you could design 3D walkthroughs in your website to make it more presentable.

Details About 3D Models

The free 3D models are not only used in web and graphic designing but also used widely in various other fields. Usually, the 3d models are divided into shell or boundary and solid. The solid models are quite realistic and used mostly for non-visual simulations whereas the shell models are quite easy to work with and are mainly used in video games and movies.

The 3D model technology is also widely used in the field of science and research to generate models of vehicles and structures or for creating building and landscape designs in the field of architecture.

Nowadays, there is a huge demand for free 3D models that are available to develop your own creations with the latest techniques and trends. Make sure you choose the best and the quality 3D model for your website from the large collection.

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You can also save your budget and time by using these free 3D models. These models have become quite essential in all fields and due to which it has gained significant popularity over the recent years. It is used for creating real-life or animated motion pictures in the movie industries and in the medical industry, these models are used for detailing the model of the organs.

Thus, the 3d modeling is an essential component in every field and there are huge numbers of businesses online that use this modeling for improving their products and services.

Free 3D Models for Download


Archive3D is an extensive online collection that comprises more than forty-five thousand templates.

It covers such categories as furnishing, equipment, appliance, people and related ware, 2d symbols, structure, doors and windows, kitchen and site improvements. With such diversity you are able to visualize various scenes from scratch hassle-free.

Archibase Planet

Archibase Planet is a big portal that unites numerous designers together. Not only does it have an extensive gallery of 3D models that are available free of charge but also it comprises a community section, blog with recent news, tutorials, a section dedicated to HQ textures, and place where you can find artists for fulfilling individual tasks. 3D designs, standard objects for creating interiors, architectural models and much more are hidden here.

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Much like the previous example, the website tries to provide users with a comfortable environment where they can solve all the issues. Members can

  • download 3D templates that are daily updated;
  • chat with other fellow designers;
  • replenish toolkit with pixel-perfect and high-quality textures;
  • and even hire a specialist who will do a particular task for you.

The project is highly versatile and helpful.

3D Warehouse

3D Warehouse is a community of professionals that share with others high-quality goods. You can search for models, collections, and even designers. Starting from excellent renderings of plants and elements of the environment and ending with impressive and highly-detailed skyscrapers or dynamic components, the potential of the project is considerable.


3Dxtras is overfilled with helpful stuff for building pseudo-realistic scenes. There is a ton of 3D mockups that work great in 3Dsmax, Maya, Softimage or Lightwave.  The list of categories is quite wide: you can find models that are classified as electronics, music, computer, medical, sport, architecture, military, plants and others.

Free 3D models

The website specializes in 3D objects and tutorials. It is suitable for both advanced artists and newbies. All the free goodies fell into such groups as architecture, transport, life forms, nature, military, misc, technology, and household. As for educational material, there are step-by-step articles of how to create scenes in 3dsmax.


3DM3 is a large public online library with a strong focus on users that seek 3D models and accompanying material. You can register in the system and enjoy all the advantages: such as adding the profile into portfolio section, making a contribution to the gallery or discussing problems in the forum. As for free 3D graphics, you can find means for visualizing bathrooms, weapons, office interiors, house interiors, natural scenes and much more. 

Free 3D Models Collection

The website has only one yet regularly updated collection of high-quality 3D objects in .3ds format. They are free for personal and commercial use and can be easily customized. The compilation embraces items that are used in interiors, natural compositions and some other spheres. A small package of textures is aimed to give some zest to the design.

Gallery Free 3D Models

Wirecase is another huge repository that is certainly a treasure chest for every newbie. 3D renderings of furniture, plants, accessories, watercraft, electronics, aircraft, vehicles, medical stuff, sports stuff- that is not the whole list. If you dive deeply inside you will be surprised by the diversity. As befits, textures and actions are included as a supporting material.

Free 3D Models For Interior Design

As the nameplate implies, the project is focused solely on mockups that let you create interiors of various kinds and complexity. Models and textures are appropriate for working in an environment provided by Autodesk 3DSMAX. The assortment covers all the constituents, from furniture that can be found in a typical living room to equipment and fittings inherent to bathrooms.

Delicious 3D Models

3Delicious is a portal that during the decade has been gathering resources under one roof. It is multidirectional and concentrates on 3D objects. The collection is just stunning and is rich in items from various categories. For the sake of convenience, the front page shows the best free stuff of the day, week, month, half-year and year.


Top3DModels also tries to sort out all the poor-quality 3D graphics and select only things that can be useful for the community. The data bank includes highly realistic renderings of animals, pieces of furniture, birds, various types of architecture, sculptures, characters, electronics, phones, exterior, appliance, and even complex landscape sceneries.

Free 3d models

The portal is intended to provide visitors with creative solutions for generating different compositions. The catalog is broken into several categories such as

  • 3D models;
  • ready-made 3D scenes, and projects;
  • video and sound;
  • textures, photos, and illustrations;
  • helpful documentation and tutorials.

Free 3D Models, Free CAD Models

Has an active community of more than one million participants. It has a regularly updated archive that includes free 3D and 2D CAD parts and assemblies. Unlike the previous listed above, it is specialized in technical stuff such as wheels, swivel, casters, triads, switches and others.

3D Model Sharing

The website is inspired by the catchy phrase ‘Sharing is caring’. It encourages artists to give away 3D stuff to support the community and make the life of other artists easier. The directory comprises renderings, tutorials, 2d models, photography, textures, materials, plugins, and scripts. In one word, with the ShareCG a ton of helpful instruments is at your fingertips.


The resource center has numerous excellent high-quality assets to visualize 3D housing projects, including interior and exterior. The registered members may derive benefits from a vast collection of 85,000 user-contributed items. Each mockup boasts of a realistic look and neat edges. It is available in the most popular formats such as CAD and DCC.


Although TurboSquid is rich in premium products, however, the selection of freebies is also impressive. There are objects in different formats that may work in different popular programs, starting with 3dsmax and ending with Modo or Solidworks.


The majority of listed above websites not only are intended to be online collections of 3D objects but they are up to becoming huge portals where users can solve their problems and find like-minded people. They have a growing community, a live forum, a section with tutorials and some extra instruments. If you are a newbie, then it is an excellent place to find the material to make your first steps in 3d rendering, and if you are a pro, you can grab tools to streamline the workflow and chat with confreres.

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