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There are lots of website templates that you can download for free. Even so, it is not a secret for any developer that it can be very difficult to find a professional high-grade and flexible admin template.

You will also have to pay attention to it being user-friendly as this is also pretty important. You can create one on your own, but it will take lots of work and it might end up being time-consuming.

Building a Content Management System from scratch can be pretty difficult; moreover, you need to have a nice design and a user-friendly admin panel if you are creating it for your client. The good thing is that you can find them for free and make your work process shorter and less time-consuming.

If you are looking for a free and highly customizable template that fits for either your CMS backend or for a new project you are working at, then you will undoubtedly find them in this article. It features CSS and HTML admin templates and skins that you can download for free, or buy a premium, and enjoy using them as you wish.

Free Admin Templates And Skins

Web App Admin Theme

The design is ordinary, insipid and plain. However, its beauty lies in functionality rather than in lavish appearance. This is not just a simple template with a common structure; it is a Rails generator that let’s produce various interfaces for back-ends. It is supposed to be a starting point for building the whole website. Although it is quite difficult to work with, since you need strong knowledge in this sphere, yet, it has considerable potential.

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Spring Time – Simple Admin Template

The team tries to make the UI quite productive in various terms and areas. Much like the previous example, the skin can’t boast of a stylish look and polished traits. Nevertheless, it equips users with all the necessary instruments to manipulate data and efficiently control the frontend. It was tested on all the popular platforms (PC, MAC, tablets and mobile devices) and browsers (I.E., Opera, Safari, Chrome, Firefox).

Admin Template For Web Applications

The mockup looks clean, structured and neat. The design is built on the top of a grid system that naturally spaces out the content and highlights the functions. It is defined by a classic three-column layout where the central part includes all the data, and the other two are used to house navigation and additional stuff.

Internet Dreams Admin Skin

While the listed above examples are marked by a vibrant coloring, this one gives off elegance and subtlety thanks to a black and white palette that never gets old. It naturally adds chic and businesslike appeal to the aesthetics. The skin is friendly and handy. It comprises various screens that can be used separately for crafting any admin page. The team gives away both HTML/CSS and PSD files.

Premium Admin Templates And Skins

Simpla Admin – Flexible & User Friendly Admin skin

Simpla Admin is aimed to fascinate its owners with responsive foundation, beautiful design, and pleasant experience. Thanks to jQuery-powered elements and tiny animations users can enjoy some fancy action. There are so many details that contribute to the general feeling such as an accordion menu, smart content box, closable notifications, modal window on any element and others so that it is certainly a template to try out.

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Constellation complete admin skin

Being based on a time-proven 960gs, the product allows you to choose from two standard and reliable types of layouts: fixed and fluid. It also ships with

  • styles for almost fifty elements;
  • jQuery-driven components;
  • light and dark backgrounds;
  • ready to use scripts;
  • predefined pages such as 404, login, etc.

Add to this a working mobile version and you will end up with a viable solution.

Adminus – Beautiful admin panel interface

Adminus is rather simple yet good-looking admin theme that pleases the eye from the first seconds. It is marked by gorgeous colors, the well-thought-out amount of white space and properly structured layout. It offers owners to select from three predefined colors: blue, green and red.

For those of you who want to make some enhancements in design, there is an additional PSD file. The list of functions includes date picker, sortable tables, image preloading, module boxes, working file upload and much more.

Admintasia-Powerful backend admin user interface

The UI is pretty content heavy: there are so many blocks and widgets, that it may seem a bit confusing to operate. However, proper use of spacing and neat formatting save the day, improving the situation. It is flexible and highly customizable. The author has prepared a list of special CSS classes that let you build the interface of any kind and complexity.

Boxie Admin

As you may have guessed from the nameplate, the theme has a powerful boxy vibe thanks to a robust grid system that underlies it. It is delivered in seven color schemes, including blue, black, orange, green and some others. It is powered by CSS3 so that most of the graphical stuff is made through it thereby resulting in a great performance and fast work.

Profi Admin – Administration for the professionals

The product pursues the noble goal of providing the administrators with a comfortable environment. It is enriched with vital stuff that helps to solve various issues. The theme includes

  • FLOT charts that can be color customized;
  • sortable layouts;
  • fixed and fluid foundation;
  • time-tested 960 grid system;
  • menu with three sublevels;
  • clickable notifications;
  • tabbed menu and much more.

If it is not enough, there are also three predefined skins, five-button styles, Photoshop file, and pack with icons.

Cleanity Complete Admin / CMS Skin

Cleanity is a robust, tidy and accurate theme that is a harmonious symbiosis of the functionality and design. It balances plenty of data with ease. It is available with such important features as

  • the calendar that is powered by jQuery;
  • accordion menu;
  • tabbed lists and modal boxes that can be applied to any element;
  • well-groomed forms;
  • drop-down navigation with fancy accompanying animations;
  • several layout versions.

Adminica | The Professional Admin Template

Adminica was made with professionals in mind so that its potential is quite considerable. Not only does it originally employ a responsive layout that makes it work coherent across various devices, but it also has an extra Bootstrap version with all the perks inherent to the foundation. Being regularly updated, it offers users to enjoy a ton of relevant features. Among the primary ones are

  • data tables;
  • FLOT and Sparkline charts;
  • standard and unique slide login forms;
  • more than ten different predefined pages;
  • seven themes;
  • draggable boxes;
  • almost three hundred buttons and much more.

Smooth Admin

The theme has a casual look and well-organized information hierarchy. Everything lies on a surface so that you can quickly get all the required data. There are tables and graphs that cope with the statistics quite efficiently. There are also

  • fluid and fixed bases;
  • quick tabs;
  • collapsible navigation menu;
  • date pickers;
  • six color schemes (blue, green, brown, purple, red and light with grayish tint);
  • pre-installed jQuery libraries for fast performance.

Adminique – Admin Template

Powered by HTML5 and CSS3 possibilities, this vibrant theme has a ton of assistants and components that will make the life of any administrator easier. It is enriched with such vital features as

  • multi level menu;
  • modal boxes;
  • beautifully styled buttons;
  • color switcher;
  • Cufon font replacement;
  • eight color schemes, including popular blue and original orange;
  • contact form with jQuery validation etc.

You can also switch between fixed and fluid layout in order to choose the most suitable option for your project.

Admin Control Panel Pro – Simple & Professional

This is a professional interface for admins that can boast of beautiful design and excellent user experience. The author has done a grand job, having incorporated lots of features into the template without sacrificing performance, readability and handiness. The list of characteristic traits is quite impressive: you will find here

  • jQuery-powered components such as an accordion menu, notification boxes, lightbox, rich text editor, tabs, contact form;
  • custom list types;
  • login forms;
  • smart checkboxes;
  • customization options;
  • a dozen of styles for input boxes, etc.

Magneto Admin Skin

The theme was created to fulfill several roles: it can be used as a foundation for building more complex and comprehensive backend control centers or as a base for the prototyping web application. It is claimed to be so powerful and versatile. Among the core features, you will be glad to know that it has

  • two types of layouts;
  • accordion panels;
  • data tables;
  • FLOT graphs;
  • vertical and horizontal sliders;
  • date pickers;
  • icon pack and much more.

Of course, this is not a complete list. In one word, the product is ‘locked and loaded’.


While some believe that producing a beautiful frontend is the most challenging task, there are those that find crafting back-ends a much more difficult work. Even despite the fact, that such sort of templates are allowed to look boring, insipid and primitive, however when it comes to creating a comfortable environment that will deal with lots of data and at the same time remain eye-pleasing, intuitive and handy to operate, it may become a serious obstacle.

Nevertheless, our collection proves that there are some ways to overcome it without losing nerves, time, and money. Both free and premium admin templates are perfect problem solvers.

These lovely themes get users in a driver’s seat, letting control data from different angles. They dish up content in a casual manner and look formal, friendly and natural. Covering numerous features from the sliders to charts they have got your back.

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