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Nomed Font

Nomed enables you to build your own unique type-based design by shuffling and stacking letters that are composed from regular triangles. If you will be clever with coloring you can obtain really impressive results and you don’t have to narrow down choices of background, the font will look great both, placed on a solid color backdrop or intricate canvas with geometry touch.

Unfortunately, the set includes only one weight and only Latin/English alphabet in lower case and upper case, so the scope of use has been really cut down.


This is not a kind of typefaces that you will be using in every project or will meet in everyday life, though you have to admit that it has some classic features when it comes to regular style. Tetra is an energetic font that looks absolutely fantastic in neon coloring placed in a proper environment. The character map includes:

  • Latin alphabet;
  • Cyrillic alphabet;
  • numerals;
  • 2 styles: regular and decorative;
  • OpenType and TrueType;
  • License for Mac and PC.

Antechamber (Free Typeface)

Architecture as well as industrial design has been a great inspiration to Alex Varanese who has fabricated this unique reimagined condensed sans typeface that is characterized by optimized kerning, an ideal legibility and strong aesthetics of urban buildings.

A hyper stylized display face consists of:

  • Latin alphabet;
  • extended set for supporting West European languages;
  • numerals;
  • punctuation marks;
  • glyphs;
  • ttf format;
  • uppercase and lowercase options.

And it is free for personal and commercial use.

Grogy free font

Designed by Serge Shi, the Grogy is applicable for graphic design including prints, posters, packaging, motion and even web. This functional font with a slight inclination, which adds to type a sense of elegance, is equipped for creating grotesque designs as well as dramatically highlighting headlines. It can easily undergo manipulations especially when it comes to applying textures.

The set includes:

  • Latin characters;
  • Cyrillic characters;
  • numerals.

Typeface Adec2.0 (free)

This is another creative typeface from Serge Shi. However, this time the typographer strongly relies on a decorative aspect, making the font look highly illustrative and ornamental. The set has 4 styles (2 from old version that have more traditional look, and 2 from updated versions that have a neoteric and more tense appearance and a strong geometry feeling) You can use it not only for emphasizing your headlines or decorating your graphic designs, but also for prettifying your backdrops since it can easily serve as a pattern. The new set includes 3 styles: main, initials and text; the latter is designed for displaying regular context.

Typeface Hydrophilia

Being created by Felix Braden in the distant 2003, this technical typeface with a lovely diagonal axis looks great even nowadays. It does well in web and print designs as well as motion graphics. The font offers:

  • support for multiple languages due to extended set of characters;
  • extended glyph set;
  • otf and ttf formats;
  • 2 options: the gothic typeface (liquid) and pixel font (iced, optimized for 11 pixel size).


Penna is an expressed and exquisite font with delicate features and softened curves. It offers several weights that are most suitable for taglines, slogans, logotypes and both web and print design areas. Though it does not have a strong legibility in small sizes, yet when it comes to large ones it does its job perfectly well. Thanks to an excellent font performance you won’t have problems with mixing and matching letterings.

Vastagurly Font

Want to spice up your mockups created for advertising, publishing or editorial areas with smooth and legible typography? Then resort to working into your project the Vastagurly font that will add warm feeling and grotesque touch. It comprises a full set of Latin letters in large caps and small caps, several extra glyphs, basic set of numerals and standard punctuation marks.

Arapey – Free Google Web Font

Arapey is a modern typeface based on classic fundamentals that stirs up warm and cozy feelings. Its soft and smooth forms lend it a distinctive subtlety.

It has characters for Latin-based languages with an extra support for other European languages and an almost full set of glyphs. It includes:

  • 2 styles: regular and italic;
  • option for web-based projects;
  • numerals;
  • letters in lower case and upper case.

Ananda NepTouch Free Font

Ananda K. Maharjan has tried to make an exact copy of Nepali Devanagari Script; and as you can see, he has quite succeeded in this. The typeface has smooth curves, an elegant oriental tinge and pleasant touch of diagonal axis. It perfectly fits for any kind of graphic or web projects. Moreover you can use it both for creating headlines with a blink of an eye and text with foreign appeal; due to strong legibility it is able to clearly display characters. Its well-crafted appearance with excellent kerning is eager to help you to complement your artworks.

Free font Acid Stucture

This heavyweight, rough font is a creation of Ian Acid who is a real expert in his field. The type should remind you about vintage computer games, old school computer screens and typewriters. The simplicity of characters combined with boldness makes it an ideal companion for various web projects.

You will get:

  • Latin alphabet;
  • capital letters and lowercase letters;
  • TrueType and OpenType formats;
  • numbers;
  • basic symbols.


Inspired by an elegance and creativity of urban art, the author has fabricated this cool and highly attractive typeface that has become a tribute to the 90’s S.F movie.

Though the set involves only capital Latin letters and a standard set of digits, yet that is quite sufficient to enrich your work and to give certain words a prime focus. Every character is marked by a strong diagonal touch that helps it naturally blend into any geometry-style design.

Bondis Dead

The typeface reminds me of systematical circles for readout, punch cards for knitting or led display for contextual advertisements. Here circles run the show; every character is a skillful and well-thought-out combination of circles. Of course, such typeface can’t be used for regular text since lack of legibility enormously reduces readability, however in special occasions this unique typeface can bring huge benefits. The only thing you should do – is to pick up a contrast background and establish a proper environment.

Yore Font

Delve into pleasant old-timey days of vintage stuff. Yore capably unites together vintage style and aesthetics of classy traditional font. Coming only in bold weight and legible appearance, it serves as a perfect instrument not only for adorning titles, names of magazines, headlines of articles and much more but also for simply displaying text. As befits, it includes Latin alphabet, numbers, small set of extra characters for supporting several Western Europe languages and essential punctuation marks such as comma, semicolon, exclamation mark, etc.

LECO 1988

The nameplate of the font is not accidentally marked by 1988. That particular year, and to be more precise the title written on the bottle of lečo produced that year, gives an inspiration for creating this original typeface that has a sharp authentic touch.

The font looks absolutely great at large sizes and in bright colors. Every character has smooth edges and soft extra bold lines. The author provides users with only Latin characters presented in lowercase and uppercase and optional stylistic variant.


The typeface has a smooth and gentle look due to brush touch and softened edges. Excessive roundness inherent to letterforms makes KNUBBEL unsuitable for displaying regular text, so it only fits for headlines and titles. However, if you decide to employ it, you should take care of a background and surroundings since they should stand in sharp contrast to lettering.

The font comes in OpenType format and has only standard set of letters and symbols.


This is an uppercase-only inline typeface with a geometry mood and a futuristic zest. It has definitely a decorative component which is disclosed in subtle and sleek designs quite well. The character map features:

  • Latin/English letters;
  • only capital letters;
  • numerals;
  • several characters for supporting West European languages;
  • several punctuation marks.

slice: Free font by Superfried

The Slice has a formidable appearance due to blocky letterforms. It is designed to meet needs of graphic designers who are in need of proper type for giving the headlines a highly prominent look.

Though it has a consistent structure, yet minimum of distinction in characters causes some difficulties that primarily reflected on readability. Add to this a bad legibility at small sizes, and you won’t find this typeface as perfect as it may seem at first sight, however in the right hands it can provide lots of benefits.

Scruffy Uppercase Only Font

As Tomas Pasma has rightly pointed out, the font seems to be constructed from pieces of tape. Such interesting interpretation came in sight while the typographer was converting its sketch version of type into digital one. The type also has got its name because of untidy ragged edges that are inherent to every letter. The font includes letters for English alphabet and only in uppercase. However there are 2 styles( regular and light) that help to diversify your project.

Weston free font

Drawing inspiration from Grover & Rockwell, this slab serif typeface with smooth features and rounded letterforms is intended to provide you with a great instrument for creating unique logotypes and spicing up your headlines. Coming in regular and light styles, all caps versions, numerals, set of symbols and glyphs, Weston will become a faithful companion for your projects.

CS Benwood

CS Benwood is suitable for wide variety of designs ranging from print-ready mockups to digital web-based projects. It is an ideal alternative to various illustrative fonts that can easily overwhelm your users with excessive decorations.

The letterform is formed from small ribbons that give the type slightly primitive but unique graphic appearance. It looks great both at large and small sizes, however before using it for displaying text you should think twice, since its ornamental side can play havoc with you.


Avant Garde in tandem with Futura has stimulated the typographer for building up this authentic sans serif font that successfully incorporates all essential features. Manual kerning makes it fully optimized for various screens.

The set includes:

  • 586 characters for supporting numerous languages;
  • license options for Mac and PC;
  • OpenType format;
  • 3 styles: light, regular, bold.

Soul Ninja Font (free)

Soul Ninja Font has a modern look that is imbued with subtle techno style. This modular font can be easily enlivened by bright colors as well as enhanced by special environment. It brings to your project some unusual mixed feelings that will make it look unique and exceptional.

As usual, the set comprises:

  • only Latin alphabet;
  • characters in lower case and upper case;
  • 4 styles: bold unicase, text bold, text and regular.

232 mksd

232 mksd is a sleek round typeface with soft and flowing curves. The complete version consists of 5 styles: super ultra-light, ultra-light, light, medium and bold. License is available for Mac through postscript type 1 and TrueType, and for Windows through TrueType. Letters can be set in upper case as well as in lower case. The font includes an extensive set of characters that covers various European languages. There are also special set of glyphs, standard symbols and of course, numerals.


Ivan Kostynyk tries to maintain a simplistic look, shaping each letter with a help of simple horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. As a result, the font has got a symbolic appearance with a geometry mood.

Glyph sheet includes numerous symbols and letters that are aimed to support different Latin-based languages. You will also find all manner of punctuation marks and some additional symbols. It is available for Mac and PC platforms via OpenType format.

RBNo2 free font

This is another versatile typeface in our collection that will easily add to your projects a lovely geometry feeling. The designer derives its inspiration from industrial fonts that were popular in 19 century. The typographer gives away 2 versions: light and alternative light that differ one from each other by some small nuances. This fine distinction of details makes the typeface sophisticated. It effectively co-works with both sans serif and slab serif fonts, so you can easily mix and match different fonts in order to achieve truly impressive outcome.

FF Sero

Coming with a broad set of characters that provides support not only for Latin-based languages but also for Cyrillic and Greek languages, FF Sero has a traditional look spiced up with modern touches. Belonging to sans serif family typefaces, it can offer really unique features, especially when it comes to creating eye-catching appearance. Thus the font can boast of:

  • the striking forms;
  • open contours;
  • distinct x-height;
  • an acute sense of American grotesque.


Though it seems that free fonts can’t stun by high-end performance, original appearance, meticulous attention to details and diversity of character map, in fact there are a great bunch of gratis types or those that are available for a symbolic price or pay-with-a-tweet option that are perfectly suited for editorial and digital projects providing all necessary letters and symbols.

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