35+ Free Mobile & Web Application Development Icon Sets


At present mobile application development is rather popular. It is the top when it comes to application development. It really has a huge and juicy market as nowadays everyone uses a phone. The ever growing interest of application developers has created the demand for better and powerful mobile applications. People are accustomed to add new applications to their phone. It is especially important for up-to-date youth.

People use phones instead computers and laptops as sometimes it is more convenient. So there is no more need to explain the importance of mobile application development and its utility. As every developer will know, using mobile application icon sets is a great advantage to make your application popular and distinctive.

Interest and demand of user interface design is growing day by day. As only a well designed application will always conquer the market and set up hard conditions for developers. So, a mobile application design must be not only consistent, but should also be eye-catching and particular. There is no need to explain the importance of mobile application icon sets for developers.

They can save their time and money, and make user interface of an application friendly and distinctive enough to make it popular and sought-after. Make your mobile application look consistent and feel master by using this list of perfectly crafted mobile application icons.

Free Mobile & Web Application Development Icon Sets


Gallery Icons Mega Pack

Ecqlipse 2

350 Mobile App Icons

108 Mono Icons: Huge Set of Minimal Icons


Icons Sweet

The Android Developer Common Icon Set II

Handset Icon

Icons for iPhone & iPad Apps

Icons: Free iPhone Toolbar Icons

iPhone Toolbar Icon Set (app-bits)

Android Developer Common Icon Set II

TOKEN Icon Set

Developer Icon Set (154 free icons)

Android Icons Set 2

Android Application Icons Set

NIXUS Icon Pack: 60 Beautiful Premium Icons

Basic set


Proxal Icon Set v2

Stickers Icon Set

Web Injection

Developers Icons


Onebit Free Icon Set 2

Quartz Icon Pack



Free Vector Icons Set + Twitter Birdy Icon




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