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Photoshop is a great way to handle image editing and creation and for designers is an invaluable tool, but many times some of us would love to make this software even more efficient – and we actually can thanks to Filters and Actions, which Photoshop offers support for. On top of that, although many do not know of them, Photoshop also offers support for other custom tools called Scripts.

They are similar to Actions, but they allow users to make conditional decisions during processing, instead of just repeating a series of steps like Actions do.

Users can actually achieve more by using Scripts than by using Actions, because the earlier have access to the whole set of Photoshop functionality.

You might not be aware of it, but you might already make use of certain Scripts, such as the one that allows users to convert an entire folder filled with images from one format to another, resize images and adding meta data. The power of Scripts is amazing and with today’s article we take a look at some great examples of Scripts that could make you more efficient.

Free Photoshop Scripts

Template Generator

Template Generator

Many of us often have to go through the same set of actions all over again when starting a new project. For example, creating a grid in Photoshop should be much easier – grids are so popular nowadays that they should be a standard feature; but they aren’t. So this Script will help you create grids automatically when creating new documents. It is as simple as adding specific keywords at the end of the document name and voila, there they are!

Pixel Measure and Font Display Tool

How many times you encountered a situation where you need to know the exact distance between two elements in pixels, but it is impossible to do with Photoshop? Well, those times are over. With this Script that you can download for free your Photoshop will generate lines, arrows and labels for measuring on screen dimensions.

Group Layer Renaming

Group Layer Renaming

If you are just like me, with either suffering from OCD or hating details not to be in their place, this Script will help you fall in love with Photoshop. Renaming several layers at the same time is impossible to do unless you have a Script and this is exactly what this one does. It might not come in handy for everybody, but for some, renaming 30 layers at the same time will spare at least a couple of minutes of frustrating work.

Perspective tools

Perspective tools

This is not a tool that I would find useful myself, but I am sure there are experts out there who will think this has been created by God. It automates the process of creating vanishing points and orthogonal projections and also comes with a video that briefly explains what it is all about.

Lighten / Darken Color

Lighten / Darken Color

Quickly dealing with color and brightness change is important because many times this can turn into a lengthy process that seems like it doesn’t end. This Script will help Photoshop users deal with these elements quicker by allowing them to set specific hotkeys that will change foreground’s color brightness.

Flat Layout Wrapper

Flat Layout Wrapper

In many cases you create designs and want to showcase them as they are browsed from a real computer, on a real browser. This Script will allow you to do exactly that. By running it, your canvases will be wrapped into Safari browser windows automatically – and on top of that, the window is also flat, so modern and beautiful.

Radius Resizer

Resizing borders is a difficult task in Photoshop – unless you get one of the Scripts like this one, which will allow you to independently resize each corner of a rectangle within a matter of seconds. With this Script you will also be able to edit multiple layers at once and view the pixel size of the radii of an existing rounded rectangle, which is extremely difficult to do with Photoshop.

Device Art Generator

Often we find ourselves needing to showcase an iPhone app mock-up, but we always need to go on Google and find an image of the actual device, import it in Photoshop, adjust it, and only then you can add your mock-up on it. If you get this Script, you will be able to generate lots of devices in a matter of seconds. We’re not speaking of only Apple devices, but also Samsung, Google, HTC and even tablets.

Split to Layers

This simple Script does little, but you will realize how much it actually can help when you will need to separate groups of pixels to their own layers. This Script does exactly that quickly and efficient.

Expanding Smart Objects

Expanding Smart Objects

Working with Smart Objects in Photoshop is not something beginners do. I have to say that I don’t even have a full grip on how they work, as I never really needed them. But for the people using them, extending these Smart Objects seems to be a huge task and this Script seems to do that for all of them quickly and without asking too many questions.

You should know that this Script only works with Smart Objects created in Photoshop and not in Illustrator.

Super Export

I often wanted to export separate layers from my PSD files into images, but this process is most of the time very painful if done with the help of Photoshop only. By using this Script you will be able to select a layer, run the script and then that layer will instantly be saved and all the others will be hidden. It works quickly and does its job in style.

Black & White Variations

This last Script is a great way to see which B&W variation looks best applied on your image. This Script converts and saves images to B&W using twenty different methods. On top of that, you can add your own methods so you can ensure that the best variation is among the standard ones.

With all the examples above we round off a list of great free Photoshop Scripts that some of you will definitely find useful at some point in time. Remember that these Scripts can help automation and will make you more efficient, because they will cut a lot of time off your work spent with useless processes.


  1. Bionik6 Dec 6, 1:53 pm

    Can’t thank you enough, you’re a life and time saver. Really appreciate these script which make designer life easier :-)

  2. Alex Dec 6, 3:03 pm – Cool alternative for Group Layer Renaming script with free and paid versions.

  3. Vadim Sherbakov Dec 6, 11:14 pm

    Thanks for mentioning the Flat Layout Wrapper!
    Check you the Photoshoplr – Best plugins, scripts & Photoshop extensions in one place.

  4. Bojan Živković Dec 7, 8:25 am

    I want to share 2 resources with more than useful scripts: Russel Brown Scripts and Trevor Morris Scripts

  5. Jordan Dec 10, 8:48 pm

    Where do we find the links to download these?!

    • Bojan Živković Dec 10, 8:57 pm

      Click on name of script or heading e.g Super Export to open download page.

  6. David Tintner Dec 18, 8:04 pm

    Here’s another great one, free script to convert Photoshop vector layers into SVG

  7. Grega Nov 16, 1:00 pm

    hello, can someone please help me where to find an example of a script that would export a channel out of a layer and save it as an original file, lets say a .tif

    Thank you for any kind of help.

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