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Best Free and Premium Professional Joomla Templates (Themes)


Joomla templates form an integral part of webpage designing and is mainly responsible for the added vigor and color that we see in the modern webpage. However, let us at first discuss a bit about Joomla at first. Joomla is content management system (CMS) that is used to create a particular webpage as well as other applications those are run online. A number of free Joomla templates can be downloaded with the help of which the users can make their webpage immensely as well as user-friendly to increase the viewership of the sites.

The most popular free Joomla themes those can be downloaded contain the most innovative and attractive designs and get ups which will help your website score over others in the business.  They try to be as innovative and as attractive as possible. However, at the same time, the Joomla themes stick to the very basics of web designing. They generally maintain the certain rules and regulations.

The graphics used in these templates are optimized. That means, the templates use the three most frequently used image formats in designing the webpage – JPG, GIF and PNG. However, there are specific ways and methodology to use each of them. Besides, the Joomla themes use some sophisticated techniques to include images within the templates.

There is another factor that makes these templates so popular. Usually, you can upload these templates very fast, thanks to the presence of optimized graphics. These templates are also pro-SEO as well as extremely user-friendly. These best Joomla templates are developed on the framework of HTML or CSS and are devoid of tables. It is seen that tables make the webpage look cumbersome and hence are discarded. Tables are solely used for presenting a series of data in a tabular form in the contents.

The free Joomla templates are planned in such a way that it makes easier to access and gain control over the contents of the pages. That is why HTML and CSS are used in preparing Joomla templates. With more and more highly advanced graphic designs being incorporated in the webpage, the use of the Joomla templates is likely to increase in the days to come. It is really these templates will attract more and more people to webpage designing which is fast becoming one of the most attractive professions of modern times.

Free Joomla Templates (Themes)




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Premium Professional Joomla Templates (Themes)

Phaeton Template for Joomla

Krios Template for Joomla

Bloora Template for Joomla

Eatoreh – Clean and Fresh

Abrax Template for Joomla

QuickM – Template for Joomla

Phoenicis – Premium Joomla Template

BlackStudios Creative Joomla

Ammon Template for Joomla

Genesis – Business and Portfolio Joomla Template

Asongkem – Premium Joomla Template

Vitamine – Premium Joomla Template

Arcturus – Joomla News Template

Perfekto – Minimalist Portfolio Joomla Template

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