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Vector icons have a major role to play in the entire appearance of an application. They lend an integrated outlook to it. But, the role of these icons as you know is not limited to only this particular aspect. A free vector icon is also meant to communicate to the end user the function behind it. Due to this, it becomes utmost important for you to apply an icon which has good image quality and details.

Shade, light effects, shape and size are the main components of any vector image. And the best part is if you want to modify an image to suit your requirement, you can always do that. Reshaping, resizing, and editing can be easily done on these icons without blurring their quality. Since you can also apply some tricks on them for their better look and feel, it definitely becomes a win-win situation for you.

You can explore the whole range of free vector icons available in a package deal. The packages are theme and style based. You can pick any of them for your personal or commercial use.

Vector Icons Packages

If you want very basic shapes and designs with black and white color schemes, try out the hand-drawn images. These images are offered in JPEG, SVG and AI file formats. Bit advanced from them are the sticker, arrows and common vector images. These also make a good choice for your website and phone applications.

If your requirements are different, you can go with the Illustrator icons which feature Adobe Illustrator tools within, such as pen, eyedropper, pencil, hand, two arrows, brush and magnifying glass.  You can get a good choice of RSS icons as well with wide range of color schemes.

There is a mixed pack of vector images available in blue color scheme. This package comprises radio, scanners, keys, dices, TV, phones, cars, books, laptops, soccer and many other varieties. You can give a thought to these icons if your project so requires.

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Other types that can be put to good use in projects include digital equipment vector shapes, badges and trophies, different versions of vector icons, add-on set, office men, ecology icons, social bookmarking images and so on. The list is endless.

If the theme is formal or tech oriented, you can choose from a range of paper icons, USB and Firewire Flash Drive shapes and glass buttons. All these free icon sets are very thoughtfully created and that’s why you can find them quite useful. Many people go for bright, sharp and crisp color and shape combinations to make their application look vibrant. If you want something like this, the choice is again wide open.

Apart from these, a few other varieties that are worth a look include Google Buzz, iCandies, Money Icons, Sweet Icons, Pictograms, Glossy Buttons and many more. Each category has something special to offer you. So don’t miss them. However if you are not sure whether you want free vector icons for your personal or corporate applications or both of them, you can simply skim through the entire range of on-stage packages. They contain wonderful collection of icons perfect for both personal and formal settings.

Choosing an ideal vector icon is not difficult, but sometimes choices spoil us. These free icons are available in so many colors, shapes and themes that you may find it confusing to pick one and say “I am satisfied with this”. And when a handful of them are selected, refine your search by looking for the one that contains all the required details without any exception.

Free Vector Icon Packs

Free Mega Pack Vector Icons Set – 129 Clean Icons

The bundle covers graphics for all the sorts of areas including business, music, map, games, web, photography and others. Each glyph has a neat solid appearance that makes it an ideal candidate for projects with lavish backgrounds. You can adjust color or change size without difficulties in Photoshop, thanks to properly organized and titled layers

Sociality Lite – Free Social Media Icon Set

Sociality Lite – Free Social Media Icon Set embraces all the popular social media portals and bookmarking websites. Here, you will find icons for such giants as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Skype, and others. The package boasts of a refined and vibrant appearance with a meticulous attention to details; however, the key advantage is a collection of CSS icons that are sought-after nowadays. Each glyph is presented in two formats (PNG and CSS), two sizes (32 px and 64 px) and is available with or without shadow.

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Impressionist Icons – Vector Icons Pack

Impressionist Icons – Vector Icons Pack comprises two hundred professionally designed items. The package is universal so that you can find glyphs for various types of interfaces from web projects to app designs. Since each item is a vector shape, you can change size from microscopic eight px to enormous 256 px without losing required quality and legibility as well as saving proportions.

Unicons – Vector Icons Pack

Unicons – Vector Icons Pack

Unicons – Vector Icons Pack includes more than 150 clean professional items in a bulk that are available in six formats, such as AI, PSD, PNG, EPS, SVG and even Webfont. There are also four standard predefined sizes (16px, 32px, 64px and 128px). What’s more, if you need more flexible instruments, the team has also prepared for you a set of Photoshop custom shapes and illustrator symbols.

Free Vector Web Icons

This is an assortment of 91 pixel-perfect icons. Tomas Gajar has crafted components that are widely used in UIs such as map markers, volume, mute, zoom in/out, shareThis, settings, docs, arrows, and others. It is available through fully layered and organized AI and PSD files. Use it freely in personal and commercial projects.

Free Vector Social Media Icons Set

Free Vector Social Media Icons Set contains a total of one hundred items covering all the favorite social networking websites from large ones to small and narrowly targeted. The graphics is presented in four formats (SVG, PNG, EPS, and AI) that are popular among designers. Each glyph can be scaled to any size thanks to a smart vector shape.

“Buddycons” – Vector Social Media Icons

The collection consists of 126 juicy, attention-grabbing and a bit glossy items that charm with professional execution. These scalable vectors that look good and sharp regardless of size are available in circular and rectangular shaped variants. You can put it into action right away by using PNG files or after making some adjustments in AI file.

Vector Icons

This is a set of sixty glyphs with solid appearance and clean edges. It is dedicated to social media portals so that there are neatly crafted logotypes of Blogger, Twitter, Vimeo, Yahoo, YouTube, DeviantArt, Dribbble and others. The author offers items in large formats available in PSD, AI, PNG, EPS, and PSF. You are welcome to use it for both personal and commercial projects.

Pixel UI Icon Set

Pixel UI Icon Set is a collection of hand-crafted pixel perfect glyphs that is able to enrich any user interface with a subtle sense of elegance. The bundle includes 77 items that fall into different categories from business to game apps. Although the default dimension is 16px x 16px, yet thanks to a vector shape (CSH format) you can assign any size you need with preserving the quality. There are also PNG files and fully layered PSD file.

Micro Icon Set

Micro Icon Set is an excellent solution for app interfaces that lack in free space. This set of microscopic, pixel perfect, legible and vector glyphs make the design more intuitive and comfortable for users. It includes more than one hundred assorted items presented in 16px size that can be customized through Photoshop.

Glyph UI Icon Set

Glyph UI Icon Set by Matt Gentile comes with:

  • PSD file;
  • 48 PNG icons;
  • a CSH file to use possibilities of custom vector shapes.

The pleasant and skeuomorphic-inspired gradient can be changed into something trendy like material design coloring through any beloved image editor that supports the file format. Each pre-made glyph has a size of 16px x 16px.

Free Icons Set

This is a huge pack of 350 fully scalable and carefully designed components that are well suited to enhance website designs or application interfaces. There are items that illustrate basic elements of e-commerce projects, portfolio sections, galleries, hosting and others. The artist leverages weighty solid details and nifty line style. Use Photoshop to get the most out of it.


Minicons by Noe Araujo is a free selection of glyphs from a premium package that is aimed to demonstrate the potential of the product. Although they are not available in a flexible vector format; however, you can make other adjustments such as altering the color with the help of PSD file. The bundle counts thirty items suitable for various purposes.

Tabs – Interface Icons for iOS & Designers

Being created with iPhone 4 and iPad in mind, Tabs – Interface Icons for iOS & Designers are just destined to enhance toolbars of various mobile app interfaces with intuitive, refined, minimalistic and sharp glyphs. These 32 items are

  • scalable;
  • fully editable;
  • available in three formats: PSD, PNG, and CSH.

WPZOOM Developer Icon Set

WPZOOM Developer Icon Set is tailored to meet numerous needs. David Ferreira has designed more than 150 glyphs that look smooth and eye-pleasing. There are

  • social media icons;
  • device icons;
  • basic UI icons;
  • navigation icons;
  • arrows;
  • gestures and others.

Each one is available in three standard formats (PNG, AI, and PSD) and 48px x 48px size.


Designers are intuitive in questions concerning community requirements. Therefore almost every pack of free vector icons listed above has PSD and CSH options that are in demand and widely appreciated. With such formats, you are welcome to manipulate with size, varying from large to small without losing quality and sharpness of forms and details.

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