20 Free Wireframe and Mockup Applications

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Mockup is the visual appearance of any website whereas the Wireframe deals with the contents and the functionality of the site. One of the easiest steps in building a website is by creating a mockup and of course both the concepts are quite essential for creating an effective website. The wireframes are very important for the layout and organizing the functional aspects of the web pages. The Wireframe software could be easily used to communicate the needs of a website with the developers and the designers. Before building the actual interface of the site, the wireframe assists in planning out the overall structure of the website.

Effective mockup and a wireframe software are quite essential for any web designers and developers to plan out a good visual arrangement of the websites. These software applications also come at heavy prices but there are also numerous free mockup and wireframe applications available online for fulfilling the requirements of the web users. It usually uses lines and boxes to define a page and also indicates where the text should be entered in a web page.

The web designers use mockup software to develop a framework of the site and uses wireframe for verifying the right navigation and the branding on each page. While creating any web projects, these mockup and wireframe software help a great deal to avoid hassles of building a site for the prospective clients. Due to such increasing demand of these software applications, there are large collections of wireframe and mockup software available online for free. Since the wireframe is the visual illustration of a website, it helps the designers where each element needs to be placed on a website.

It could be really a challenging task for any web designer to build a site of their own without any tools or resources. The wireframe and the mockup software are especially designed for the designers and the developers to create an effective website. The Mockup helps the web designers to choose the right colors, images and the typography whereas the wireframes focuses on the overall content structure of the project but is created without any contents in it. In simpler words, a mockup denotes the looks of a website and the wireframe denotes the functionality of the site. Thus, both the aspects are quite essential for any web designers and developers to create an effective and a successful website.

Free Wireframe and Mockup Applications



UXPin is an advanced and sophisticated design platform to compose interactive and responsive prototypes. It is fast, reliable and lightweight. You can create a collaborative project including various teams from different countries and share with others videos, scripting, and annotations. Pros of choosing this instrument are

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  • easy to use interface;
  • regularly updated library of UIs;
  • Sketch and Photoshop integration;
  • smart elements;
  • live presentations.

Justinmind – The ultimate wireframe software to create a website wireframe

Intuitive environment and a ton of functions are two main characteristic traits of the software. It is applicable for prototyping websites and mobile apps. It comprises

  • numerous built-in widgets for iOS and Android based projects;
  • an extensive collection of essential components such as buttons, menus, charts;
  • patterns for jumping into Google Glass UI design;
  • library for Windows8;
  • a bulk of effects for making interaction eye-pleasing, and a lot more.

iPhone Mockup

The service offers two variants: ‘illustration’ that comprises clean and neat carefully outlined UI items and ‘Pencil’ that consists of the same set of elements yet in a charming sketchy style that has a human feel. The generator is enhanced by drag-and-drop mechanism that lets build wireframe of any app within minutes. You will find various sorts of graphic materials: arrows, keyboard, buttons, switches and more.


Lumzy is a professional prototyping tool with a real image editor. Clean and intuitive interface enhances workflow, letting users bring any idea to live in a flash. It has an extensive component library and focuses on a collaborative brainstorming. All the members of a team can make their contribution.

Cacoo – Create diagrams online Real time collaboration

The service embraces several directions. You may go for crafting wireframes of websites, apps, emails and even ads, or create presentations for a concept in order to demonstrate it from different angles. You can use it also for composing such stuff as

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  • mind maps;
  • flow charts;
  • network diagrams;
  • UML diagrams;
  • site maps and database diagrams;
  • and even room layouts.

The great thing is that it has a free plan.

Serena Prototype Composer

Is a viable instrument for visualizing various kinds of concepts. It helps to showcase application in action more effectively. The program is enriched with such features as

  • WYSIWYG editor,
  • predefined layouts,
  • templates, and UI components.

You can also illustrate the workflow, publish documents and specifications and integrate with Serena Dimensions RM. There are two plans, choose the most suitable for your team.

MockFlow – Online Wireframe Tool

The instrument is aimed to save your time and efforts during the design process as well as make the collaboration as easy as pie. It equips you with all the necessary functions for

  • drawing user interfaces of any complexity;
  • organizing app development;
  • creating and publishing websites;
  • annotating images;
  • creating animated banners and much more.

Numerous tutorials and documentation help you to get started quickly and efficiently.

Website wireframes – Mockingbird

The engine is intended to shape a concept fast as ever. Just drag and drop all the required elements into the playground, customize each item with the help of set of tools and voila, a UI is ready for further manipulations. What’s more, you may connect various templates together to create a workflow as well as share the link to the project thereby allowing clients or colleagues to make their alterations.

Future of Wireframing – HotGloo

With such a promising slogan, the program couldn’t help but include numerous features. It has a potential to greatly improve web designers’ workflow as well as take basic routine to the next level. As the title implies, the instrument kills two birds with one stone: it lets craft wireframes and transforms prototyping process into a collaborative game. It fits tech-savvy people and managers that are eager to put their two cents in.

Pencil Project

Pencil Project is an open-source suite that runs on various leading platforms. It ships with

  • a huge built-in collection of shapes including basic geometric forms, flowchart elements, desktop/web UI items, and graphics for Android and iOS;
  • diagram drawing support;
  • various stencils to outline web and mobile mockups;
  • different output formats, starting from rasterized graphics, aka PNG files, and ending with OpenOffice document file.

Tiggr Mobile Apps Builder

Tiggr Mobile Apps Builder is the cloud-based online application whose goal is to boost up workflow. It is empowered by secure back-end integration, intuitive front-end and reliable and scalable infrastructure. The instrument is applicable for enterprises and developers. It enables users to build with the latest techniques and modern trends, actively collaborate with colleagues, and produce finished products in short order.

Frame Box

Although the online application cannot boast of a feature-rich interface, however, it is the simplest and the cost-effective way of shaping your idea. Employ pre-made UI units to sketch the template, save it and share the result with your associates.

Online UI Mockups and Wireframes

This is a web-based application that does not require any installations. Thanks to clever organization, the comprehensive object library not only suits up users with all the essential elements but also keeps them away from clutter. Add to this such characteristic traits as

  • interactive features;
  • multiple exporting options;
  • real-time collaboration;
  • clickable mockups;

and you will end up with an exceptional prototyping tool.

Wireframes and Prototypes for Web and Mobile Applications

This is one of the best means created for nontech-savvy people who want to craft wireframes. Six options meet a different kind of tasks. Whether you need to build templates quickly with all the boxes and placeholders, or you just feel the necessity for generating HTML files, it lets you achieve the goal in a flash.

Balsamiq Mockups

The sphere of expertise of this platform is quite extensive. With more than seventy graphic controls, numerous stencils and interface based on drag and drop mechanism, it renders assistance in building

  • desktop and mobile apps;
  • website and web apps;
  • Multifunctional dialog windows;
  • tablet apps.

Moreover, options for collaborative work are also included so that you can easily share with teammates the ready project for further enhancements.

Online Diagram Software and Flowchart Software

Flowcharts, UML diagrams, wireframes, network diagrams – that is not the whole list of what you can do with the help of this engine. It works in any browser so that all the tools are always at your fingertips. Draw the idea with the help of predefined templates, customize it with style options and share it with your friends or colleagues.

A GUI Design Software for clickable Wireframes

The product is all about building interactive UX prototypes and quick and reliable wireframes. To inject some life into a template, you can use clicks, touch gestures, or keyboard entries. There are also other key characteristics that can win you over

  • mobile simulation for testing projects in the native environment;
  • collaboration tools;
  • export options;
  • generation of documentation and specifications;
  • integration with some other services such as Planio.

GUI Design Studio

Comes with access to more than one hundred UI elements, style sheet-based themes, and swatches it does all the heavy lifting when it comes to composing applications of various kinds. You can also create reusable components for future concepts. Helpful annotations and storyboards that can be easily added during the design process will greatly reinforce the workflow and make it more intuitive for others.


Instruments are quite powerful in what they can do. They are versatile with an intuitive environment and flexible pricing plans. While they differ in the sphere of expertise, since some of them focus on app/UI prototyping whereas others offer functions for drawing diagrams or presentations, they have one thing in common. All of them try to meet needs of teams and companies that are accustomed to brainstorming projects teamwise.

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