15 Awesome Freelance Designers Websites



This is another example of a site that lets the previous work do the talking. With these fine illustrations and a very warm site that encourages you to engage with his work, by the use of dark brown and beige as a secondary color. This site probably does very well indeed!


This is a VERY creative site! And i think, a great example of how one can use illustration and color to great effect. The color choice is very risky, because it is so strong, but it really makes this web design unique. This is one that once you see it, you don’t quickly forget it. Which is pretty rare with websites these days. The even more impressive thing is that it does this without going over the top with it.


The use of pencil like drawings in design, usually signals to me an individual who is very creative.  This because of the childlike nature of pencil drawings. This design tells me that this guy is creative and willing to take risks, something that is becoming more and valuable with every passing day. I would be rushing to the contact button on landing on this site.

Joshua Keenes

This is a very ‘human’ design. With the picture of the designer at the forefront, it makes you feel as if he is talking to you directly. That alone quickly makes you want to know more as most people are not really used to seeing an image of the designer like this. The actual design of the site itself is also very well done, and it further emphasizes the casual and human feel that i think this designer is trying to put forward with this design. With little details like scribbles and improntu paint splashes on the screen, you really do feel like you’re dealing with a human being.

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Kev Adamson

This is a very unique and extremely interesting site, by British designer, ‘Kev Adamson’. He really puts his own personality and style into it, without really following any of the prevailing design trends. Most of the time when people do that, it does not come out well, but with this site it seems to REALLY work. He aslo uses a text bio, to get you interested in using his services -alongside examples of his designs. This is a great way to do it as it works for people who would rather read about you and are better at taking in information that way.

Matt Hamm

I simply love the simplicity of this site :). It shows me what the designer, ‘Matt Hamm’ is about and visually also, shows me what he can do. Without wasting any time. Very well done website for a freelancer. And even better for super ADHD people like me! :)

Pixel Worx Factory

This is probably my favorite use of color of all the designs. There are no huge contrasts, the colors just seem to all compliment each other. The big headline is also very straight to the point. With the quality of design on this site. The contact button would be clicked in seconds!

Matt Pealing

These are fairly popular colors online, and the design of this site overall is relatively simple. With a simple bio and two quick snapshots of his previous work – as well as a well designed site. This would probably get a lot of people clicking the contact button.

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