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Fresh Set of Creative Advertising Prints

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I want to start the next review of advertising creative from the Italian agency Lowe Pirella Fronzoni and its print for ENPA (Ente Nazionale Protezione Animali – Italian humane society).

This print is based on the slogan “without a shelter, winter can be very hard”. Then it’s described how you can help animals from ENPA shelter to overwinter by donating €1 to the following telephone number. By the way, photos for this project were made by LSD agency.

Creative Advertising Prints

Polish branch of the McCann Erickson agency brings to your attention the new advertising print of baby cream Alpika with a slogan “When baby skin is burning”.

The next public service announcement by Philippine agency DDB DM9JaymeSyfu is designed to put public’s mind to the problem of fires and to tell contacts of the local fire department. The slogan says “A spark is all it takes”.

The set of funny prints by Turkish agency Grey for Google is based on wordplay in the chapter “Did you mean?” of this search service. I suppose that it’s not a commercial work but a demonstration of their creative skills, but it doesn’t make this project less interesting.

The Lua Branca agency from San-Paulo demonstrates their vision of PSA. A motto of this project is “You know all the truth about drugs, but your children don’t. Talk to them, it will help to save them”.

And in conclusion I’d like to tell about the advertisement of a cleanser Ajax made by French agency Y&R Paris. The slogan is “Look at the bright part of your life”.

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