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The Art of Gaby Herbstein


With innovative thinking and unique creative flair, an artist can rule millions of hearts for over centuries! When creative people produce an artwork with their heart, soul, and mind, it definitely touches the emotions and feelings of its onlookers. The art of Gaby Herbstein is a straight example of this.

Gaby Herbstein is a well-known personality in the world of photography. She is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. In her 17 years of journey in photography, Gaby has worked for different national and international brands. These include but are not limited to just L´Oreal, Canada Dry, Procter & Gamble, Garnier, Sony, and Telcel.

Her collection of great art work has already been showcased in about 15 stand-alone exhibitions across famous museums of Argentina. In fact, one of the most advanced countries like the USA also couldn’t keep its eyes off the surreal photography ideas of Gaby. As a result, her great pieces of creative work made a way into the top-notch contemporary art galleries in Miami. She also represented Argentina in Miami’s International Book Fair.

Gaby’s photographic style is quite peculiar to her. Her photographs stand out from the rest on the virtue of their themes and perfect editing. You can see the use of her creative photographic images in most cultural, fashion and public shows. She is a class apart professional photographer who uses her creativity not only for commercial benefits but for charitable causes also.

For a real experience of Gaby Herbstein’s surrealistic photographic images, you can flip through this year’s calendar designed for raising awareness about ecology. The catchy phrases with symbolizing images give birth to an art that’s not meaningless. Each image carries a serious message and conveys them successfully. This is perhaps the strength of the art of Gaby Herbstein.

If you want, you can use her photographs on your T-shirts and spread the message of ‘save universe’ in your style. Or else, you can set one of her images as desktop background to show your support. You can also use her art in any of these or other forms to enjoy its aesthetic values. No matter whether you use her photographic composition on your clothes or laptop screen, the pleasure of having it close to you will be different. Her art work will, certainly, drive you crazy.

Art of Gaby Herbstein

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