Free GIMP Brushes – Big Collection with High Resolution

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GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is an open-source image editing graphic software that can easily work on OS X systems, Linux and Windows. GIMP is an excellent and an attractive option if you are willing to design graphics for your web page.

There are more than thousands of free GIMP brushes available online which could be an excellent alternative for Photoshop, the leading graphical software. You can also create your own brushes but alternatively it is much easier to find a suitable brush that is readily available on the internet. At the same time, choose the brushes which have high quality resolution that can be perfect for any project.

Usually, the GIMP brushes allow you to create animated images, graphical elements and other icons in the GIF format and also you can edit the images such as crop photos, resize, and convert the images to various formats and photomontages. These brushes are also equal powerful programs like Photoshop and are widely used by web designers across the globe.

There is a huge collection of pre-installed quality GIMP brushes available online that also supports the Photoshop brushes. There are several websites online that offer free brushes which could be quite easy to install on your computer.

Important reasons to use free GIMP brushes:

  • Available free of charge – There is no necessity to purchase these brushes for hundreds of dollars since it is completely available for free.
  • Create your own images – The GIMP brushes have a wide variety of transformation tools and advanced features that allow you to create your own graphical photos or edit the images.
  • Use Photoshop in GIMP – GIMP allows you to use photoshop files like brushes and patterns.
  • Compatibility – GIMP is compatible with operating systems like Linux, Sun OpenSolaris, Mac OS X and Windows.
  • Get Good Support – It is always easy to get support from anyone when you have any issues since GIMP has a powerful community online.
  • Easy to learn – GIMP is quite easy to learn and there are plenty of tutorials available online which are easy for beginners.

GIMP offers full set of drawing tools such as cloning, airbrush, pencils and brushes, which all offer excellent drawing effects. Apart from these tools, there are also basic tools like magnifying glass, eraser, paint bucket and dropper tool for selected colors. GIMP supports gradients and has a text tool that enables the users to create text layers on the images.

You can also add fonts to the GIMP program with the help of gradients and brushes. Being a fully-featured program, there are also filters like drop-shadow available in GIMP. There are numerous amazing and versatile GIMP tutorials available on the internet which can be quite useful and beneficial for the web designers and developers.

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Being one of the most popular photo editing programs, free GIMP brushes are readily available and accessible on the internet which allows you to create animations and videos with a wide range of advanced tools. It enables the users to personalize their website or blog by creating their own graphics on images and offers a professional touch to your photos.

The set of GIMP brushes are always the artist’s best friend as it allows them to apply complex as well as simple effects on the images easily. Take a review from the wide variety of brushes available online and choose the right one that suits the requirements of the project.

Free GIMP Brushes

Chinese Dragons

Dark Wings

Rise Brushes

Galactic Brushes

Odysee Brushes

Inner Universe Brushes

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Hearts of Roses

Gotta Find You

Scriptbrushes Gimp

VectorGrunge Brushes

Grunge Brush Pack 2

Stars Brushes

Stars of Heaven




GIMP: Floral I

Floral Brushes

Daisy Brushes

GIMP Flower Brushes

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