Free and Professional GIMP Tutorials for Designers

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Photoshop technology has developed to a great extent over the few years and with the introduction of free gimp tutorials, it has really revolutionized the technology.

It’s not only that this new technology has incorporated newer techniques that have changed the concept of designing altogether; it has provided a string of new opportunities for implementing newer ideas to the designers.

GIMP or GNU Image Manipulation Program is a free and open source application that is used for the purpose of image editing as well as website layout designing. This unique software has the ability to do a number of things that would meet the needs of the designers and help them enjoy a different experience of designing.

GIMP changed the designing concept

A few of these unique tutorials will be helpful to learn the process of transforming a particular stock image into a scene depicting a violent fireball explosion. There tutorials elaborately describe the process of making a photo manipulation by using the picture of a bird or stock photos of a few flowers and a few texture backgrounds.

With the advent of this technology, manipulating simple photos with effective colors using various types of textures have become extremely easy. There is a tutorial which converts an original Photoshop tutorial into a GIMP. However, this particular tutorial is pretty tough to master and is not designed for the starters. This particular gimp tutorial transforms a stock photo of a bulb into one with say a 2 watt switch light bulb.

There are few gimp tutorials which have the ability to change a photograph or an image into pencil sketch. There are tutorials which help in manipulating with the use of an eye stock. Gimp are of great help when it comes to removal of wrinkles and acne scars of various types, red rash and blemish, pimples and marks of other irritating skin problem on the face in a photo or portrait. These tutorials come up with complete guide and manuals which provide extensive instruction of retouching skins with the help of gimp.

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There are a number of tutorials which provide instruction of how to create hot wallpapers of matinee idols. This particular tutorial helps the designers to learn using layer masks. It teaches the designers to create vector-grunge that can later be utilized to design in Photoshop using the Gimp.

There are Gimp tutorials which help how to transform a wave or a splash of water well into a splash or a ball of fire. Some of these tutorial use Levels as well as Curves to complete this task and they are extremely handy in designing websites and online catalogs. The designers have the liberty of using the splattered vectors as well the paths tool besides using the dodge and burn tools.

These are mainly used to create various types of fantasy photos, realistic graffiti Black and White as well as Monochrome effects on various types of pictures. There are certain infrared-effects that can be incorporated with the help of these tutorials. Designers learn the art of making photographs appear as if they have straight come out of Hollywood using a few very simple techniques of fantasy as well as speculative fiction that were first developed way back in the eighties and nineties.

With more and more free Gimp tutorials coming up, things are becoming simpler and innovative for the designers who are using these tutorials to design newer styles of images and photos which provide ample scope to the modern designers.

Free GIMP Tutorials

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