20 Glyph, Symbols and Minimalist Icon Packs

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Uicons – Icons for Apps and Stuff

The free pack offers icons on every occasion, covering such graphical stuff as arrows, clocks, devices, e-commerce and much more. They are sleek, crisp, sharp and super precise. Every item was created using vector shapes so that you can painlessly manipulate with its size. There are two style versions (line and filled), and three predefined sizes (32x32px, 64x64px, and 128x128px).

Pixel UI Icon Set

Comes with more than seventy items, custom vector shapes, carefully structured PSD file for CS5 and higher, the pre-made size of 16px X 16px, and professionally crafted architecture, this great freebie, created by Matt Gentile, will be a nice addition to your toolkit. It is licensed under Creative Commons, so that use it freely for personal and commercial projects.

Mini glyphs (12 px) – Free PSD

This is a set of excellent icons that was handcrafted by Julian Leiss. The author offers creative folks to take advantage of pretty tiny graphical stuff (each glyph has a 12px x 12px size) that is destined to complement interfaces and make them more intuitive and natural to the users. There are almost one hundred symbols that as befits, are presented as handy generic vector shapes.

160 tiny Icons [Free PSD]

This rather comprehensive library embraces items from different areas: thus, you can find here arrows, music controllers, e-commerce icons, map pointers, devices, formatting tools, and others. It totaled 160 glyphs with a maximum height of 12px. Nevertheless, they are still vector shapes, so that if the default dimension does not fit your needs, then you can increase it to the desired one without a hitch.

20 Free 16-by-16px Ecommerce Icons

Although the freebie is not so massive as the majority of the listed above (the bulk comprises just twenty icons), however, it is still worthy of your attention. As usual, it is made with the independence of the size in mind, so that each glyph is a vector shape with a potential. It is ideal for e-commerce projects, especially those that should meet small mobile devices. There are 16 elements ranging from a dollar sign to shopping cart.

A free tiny set of tiny icons

They are crisp, they are tiny, and the most important they are free. Daniel Eden has designed sixteen different glyphs yet thanks to vectorized structure they suit to every dimension with ease. They work great both in a small and large size. As usual, they are available in one but well-organized PSD file.


The characteristics of the freebie are

  • more than one hundred icons;
  • two standard skins: dark and light;
  • ico bundling with three predefined sizes: 16x16px, 32x32px, and 256x256px;
  • PNG size, 128x128px;
  • PSD file with all the layers and styles;
  • a small tutorial how to implement them wisely.

The icons are slick and robust enhanced by the uniformity. Use them for personal and commercial projects.


It is hard to argue that there are numerous areas where these insipid and unremarkable glyphs can come in handy. Although they can’t boast of a lavish appearance inherent to the semi-flat illustration-like icons, however, they like no other can create a visual language that will be straightforward and natural to any person. Thanks to vector shapes and in some case pixel-perfect structure they look consistent and legible in any device. Our list covers just fifteen bundles; however, they are able to supply you with helpful assistants for almost any task.

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    I like All Pack, The favourite is The Noun Project. Thank you for sharing

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