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If anyone wishes to get into a career of a graphic designer, the person must get admitted into the free of cost of graphic design courses that are offered online. There are a number of online courses of varying intensity and duration that offer various modules which come handy in the making of a designer.

These online courses of graphic designing and tutorials of free graphic designs are designed as well as written by the industry experts. The trainees can actually access as well as download these free of cost online graphic designing tutorials from the websites. The significant factor here is that there is no need of registration in order to access the tutorials.

A very important point regarding these tutorials is that the trainees need not go for any registration or related nitty-gritty if they are to enroll for these courses.

Graphic Design Online Schools

There are a number of online schools providing graphic designing courses and the trainees can actually get access to the tutorials of Adobe Bridge, and tutorials color correction as well as tutorials giving lessons on Illustrator or Photoshop live trace.

There are a number of online magazines which provides the trainees a golden opportunity to get access to various tutorials free of cost, providing lessons on computer graphic designing. These state-of-the art tutorials include various types of pictures along with step-by-step details of creating them as well as various types of project files which come to the aide of the upcoming designers.

These online magazines publish not less than 30 latest tutorials every month and these tutorials are extremely helpful for the trainees who take up online graphic design courses. These online magazines provide the trainees information regarding virtually every topic related to graphic designing. The online designing tutorials provide training sessions on After Effects, flash button and paint shop pro colorizing.

Various online training courses offer a wide variety of sample curriculums on different types of Graphic Designing that are meant for the upcoming designers who are poised to increase the base of their knowledge. These online courses include Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Elements of Adobe, Adobe InDesign as well as Adobe Acrobat.

Various types of online courses provide curriculums for the professionals as well as the beginners. These online training programs are generally constituted into number of lessons that can be downloaded from the internet. And the best part is that the trainees do not require registering to go through the modules.

There are certain websites which cover every aspect related to Photoshop. The trainees can find a number of tutorials, different resources as well as videos on the site. They will also be able to find a forum as well as blogs for graphic designers who are looking forward to express their opinions & insights. These online courses provide access to pen tool tutorials, color theory 101 tutorials as well as tutorials for animated transitions.

A number of online courses provide searchable database along with the online tutorials. All these provide insights into the topics like color balancing, rain effect as well as coloring artwork. These color balancing tutorials consist of three steps that provide an overall view of different techniques of color balancing. And this is an amazing tool when it comes to modifying the color of the pictures.

These graphic design courses can be termed as educational resources that anyone can access without incurring any expenses. Some of these courses provided certificate courses besides offering full web based design tutorials.

Free Graphic Design Courses Online


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  1. Andrea Neal Jan 7, 8:41 pm

    I found this site looking for free Illustrator courses… I went to the Design Mentor website and inquired about classes there and their courses are $450-900 per course! You may want to remove that one from this post!

  2. Phillip Mar 17, 5:10 pm

    I am interested to find a free graphic design online course. Thanks.

  3. Atanu Das Jun 3, 1:59 pm

    I love the idea of working from home, perhaps just for a few days a week. The main concern that I’d have is that I’d struggle to work after lunch. I’m always productive in the mornings and then after lunch I just never seem to be able to get going to the same extent, I begin to wind down.

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