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40+ Health/Medical Logo Design Examples


Creating logos, especially for medical or health services, is a tricky job. While creating such logos the designer should be bang on to help people understand the service available. If this is successfully achieved then the purpose of the logo has been served successfully. Logos of medical services like Red Cross or Mayo clinic is quite popular and the designer of these logos had hit the right spot by creating design to which people could easily connect.

A company or brand’s logo needs to efficiently and easily conveys the company’s message and represents the nature of the business. Similarly, health logo design follows standard typefaces along with colors that evoke care and security (blue, green, red and grey). The logo has to be designed so that it can easily represent medical and other related services. Here you will get to browse through an assorted collection health logo designs based on the health and wellness themes.

This inspiring logo designs cater to the health niche and have been designed by team of expert graphic designers. Most of these logos follow blue and green color codes to make the design prettier and clean. You can check out all the health logos and draw some inspiration for your next health logo designing project. Green conveys positive vibes to many and the popularity of the green logos seems to be growing with every passing day.

Green, since time immemorial, has been the symbol of immortality and resurrection and this is the reason why health logos based on the green color are in vogue. Medical brands and health services are using these health logos to represent their services and brands. Our collection consists of logos that can be the perfect inspiration for your health logo design projects.

Our collection also has a few origami-inspired health logo designs that can be valued inspiration if you are looking at creating something fresh and new. Origami uses the folding paper art from the land of Japan to create unique yet highly inspirational designs. Graphic designers have suddenly taken a liking towards this fantasizing paper art and as such have created a completely new trend in the health logo design. Just browse through and find the logo that inspires you.

If you too want to learn the techniques involved in creating such health logo design then referring to one of these logos would give your endeavor a kick start. These health logo design examples are fresh positive and highly inspirational.

Health/Medical Logo Design Examples

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